Pissed Off

He just looks pissed off because he just pissed off that bridge and was caught on camera!

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  1. meggy

    What is it meant to say? What is it meant to be about?
    It makes me think that this guy has a grey and boring life and is dreaming about being more colourful and interesting.

  2. Personally, I think he was just caught dumping the body. If I was that fauxtog I’d be leaving town…

  3. nesgran

    I think it looks like he is contemplating eating the faux’s brain. Om nom nom nom

  4. Borat

    veryyyy niiiiice! me like 😀

  5. michaelnovo

    I’d like to look at this from a compositional perspective as a study in structures, rails and fences. Interesting take on color vs black and white with a smooth general white vignette fade out of the image allows the eye to have an easy transition. The subject I believe is added in a strong attempt to juxtapose the structure with the show of strength and emotion. How these structures and fences must act every day to support us humans in our needs of their functions. Overall a very powerful image further commemorated with the year symbolically marking the year…like a time capsule.

  6. BurninBiomass

    Billie Joe McAllister is definitely not happy, no wonder he jumped.

  7. Hey, where are all the Watermark Watchers today?

    • jackd

      The editing gives this one away, or at least makes it a reasonable assumption. had it just been the larger picture, in color, watermarks or a screen of it on a photography page would be necessary

  8. Annoyed

    Why is it that they can never decide between sepia and b/w and come up with this horrid mess of color, or lack thereof?

  9. Mr.Four

    Guys, don’t hate on his face. He might be like me and the many other men out there who were just born with angry looking faces. People think I’m an ***hole, but I’m not–I’m pretty nice, actually!

  10. fotopoopie

    NICE DICK! You talking to me?

  11. Look I know we all get a bit tense and need some “executive relief” but with that guilty expression looks like he’s been caught “cracking one off the wrist” in public!

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