Most Amazing Picture

Two wrongs don’t make a right, especially when it comes to poor photography.

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  1. I don’t even know wtf I’m supposed to be looking at! Wow.

  2. Sarah

    Whoa! Triplets! And two of them are already grown! Excellent.

  3. bandidog

    Now that`s just BAD!!!!

  4. A photographer

    I think it’s a belly before shot, superimposed over the newborn shot, with a door frame stuck in for extra goodness over there on the left.

    I shall try this myself this afternoon. It’s obviously the way to go.

    • The door frame looks like a waredrobe door. Like they have taken the photo on a bed and there is a waredrobe behind them.

      The maternity shot looks like she was sitting on grass.

      Personally I think that the Mother should be wearing a shirt. She has a Mummy-Tummy which is just sitting over her jeans. Separately, it looks like they would be good images…. but it’s hard to tell…..

      • Cassie

        not to mention the fact that not only is she not wearing a shirt but I think they had to put the belly pic over it to camouflage her tata that the baby isn’t hiding

  5. What is that in the background – a naked butt with the pants pulled down??? Even for a fauxtographer, that’s got to be a new low. And two people actually LIKE it.

  6. Alexis

    Wow, it should not take that long to figure out what the hell you’re looking at!

  7. um what????? how is the best pic ever??? its sooo wrong in sooo many ways

  8. I think this is the worst I’ve seen on this site.

  9. Kelli

    Oh my goodness. What is going on here? Way to busy.. Just bad.

  10. Wow, that is really garbage …

  11. A photographer

    @Kat – Naked butt? I think you’ll find that’s his chest.

  12. Lord, the topless photo just really completes it…. I don’t even know where my eyes should be focused.

  13. LaughingGirl

    Incredible! I see the butt…and the two chests but that begs the question: is that two topless men holding the baby??

  14. Art_Student13

    ….is the mother topless too?
    and the second comment, they think it’s one of the most amazing pictures they’ve ever seen?
    I dont even…I dont…ah

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore…..

  15. dfwnikonshooter

    I cant stop looking at it … it is like a train wreck … so much to see

  16. Pelham

    *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*

    OK, I feel better now…

    *thunk as faints to floor*

  17. im mobile but is mon so topless that her nip is in the pic?

  18. ugh… why do people encourage this? surely it isnt the best picture they’ve ever seen… I know someone who dipped in to newborn photography recently, and put up a shot of the baby almost face down into a blanket, with terribly harsh studio lighting making shadows all over the face, and their friend commented and said “oh my gosh this is probably the best newborn photo I have EVER seen! gorgeous, love it”… my guess is, she (and these people) have never seen any other photos before… it’s the only explanation

  19. Well you can see what kind of fool likes it. Look at the comment “Best story every you guys have”. What does that even mean?

    • Gal with a camera

      Maybe the family in the picture has a touching story about their baby or something.

      That still doesn’t make this picture touching, though.

  20. Alison

    This is the most awful photo ever… It makes my eyes hurt… but if that is a topless male & female… Where are her boobs?

  21. The shot of them holding the baby would have been nice by itself…if she was wearing a shirt. I don’t understand the rest of it. My poor eyes may never be the same. I don’t understand how someone thinks this photo is “so pretty”…..

  22. Angela MacIsaac (@that_angela)

    What. The. Fuuuuuuu?

  23. Gal with a camera

    What am I supposed to be looking at… everything is all so distracting from everything else. I look at one thing here and get distracted by something else in the picture… nothing keeps my attention.
    Just wow. :-/

  24. just one of those art pieces where you have to take a moment and take it in! LOL

  25. Chantal

    Did you notice the comment beside the picture…?! Most amazing picture… Really??

  26. Meowcate

    Excuse me sir, what the fuck is happening here ?

  27. Kelli

    UGH! Really?!?! This shot is horrible! Now, I love well taken/composed shots of a man with his shirt off and a naked baby, and I have taken shots of implied nudity of a mom holding her baby where it is just mom with the baby on her chest/shoulder …but just to throw mom out there with out a shirt on and have her breast hangin out for all the world to see…um no.

  28. James

    I love how the most solidly defined area of the photograph is her spare tire & tacky tattoo.

  29. either of the photos alone would probably be nice – acceptable to most clients… but combining the two good shots does not make a great shot.

    I’m okay with them being topless – that’s their call – not photographer’s. If the photographer isn’t comfortable shooting partial nudes – walk away.

  30. Capt. Obvious

    I think the person who wrote the second comment on the facebook page must be on the same drugs as the fauxtographer.

  31. Henny

    i used to have this effect with my old 35mm camera when the film got stuck and it happened to be a double exposure.

  32. I use to think anything creative in photography was a good thing. I was wrong. The picture of the couple with the baby looks ok underneath, although it’s hard to tell.

  33. OK, yeah…I glanced at this and thought it was organs and blood. And that would have been better than this visual atrocity. What’s going on at the bottom? It looks like she’s been hacked up. Still, the floating alien hand on her side is a nice touch. Honestly, if this were a poster for a horror movie, I’d say well done. But I’m guessing that wasn’t the intent.

  34. xeyedlyza

    C’mon guys! This is total genius! Mom’s belly pic jewelry fits PERFECTLY over the family pic…one bracelet encircles baby’s head like a crown…or a halo…or some sort of medieval torture device, and the other bracelet’s charm looks like a giant, oversized-gypsy earring on Future Mom! It’s like…fate…or some junk….one completes the other! Absolute GENIUS! 😛

  35. Just a shot in the dark but *maybe* the “larger” woman and the half naked woman are not the same person? Perhaps a surrogate..hence the comment about the greatest story? or it is just crap with no excuse at all lol

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