I’m On A Horse!

Take a look at this photo… Now look away… Look back… The photo is still horrible!

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  1. is it bird poo on the horse yukkkk

  2. As usual, horrid use of onboard flash and shitty comp. But *whew* thank gawd, I was afraid it might feature a real horse. Glad it’s just a big plastic display dummy for modelling horse equipment, or I might be really upset!

    Anyway silver tux on the groom aside, I think it’s silver spray paint on the horse’s ears and face. Maybe they ran out of paint.

  3. While I am sure this was a request of the couple being married, there is no excuse for horrid lighting. This could have been a pretty fun photograph; and I would have never posted it to an album.

  4. Lets face it.. HIS taste in suit really doesnt do the photo justice either.. what real man wears pearl satan as full suit and then strides a fake horse.. not flattering at all!

  5. It’s a fun family snap. That’s all.

  6. reallythough

    it looks like theyre having a lovely time

  7. The horse seems well exposed…

  8. One of two things could’ve happened here.

    A) Somebody took a snapshot, in which case kudos to the shooter for getting any kind of decent light and contrast on what is probably a fibreglass black model horse. Bride and groom look happy, and even his satin pearl suit isn’t nearly as unflattering as bad lighting could’ve made it.


    B) A real professional could’ve presided over this shoot, in which case the lighting could have been better and the angle and crop less distracting, but I suspect by the time all those things had been arranged, the whimsy of the moment would have been lost and the bride and groom probably would not have appeared quite so happy.

    Suffice to say this isn’t the sort of photo a pro would want to tackle, nor the kind of photo that should be in a portfolio, but maybe to the bride and groom it will bring back some crazy stories or maybe an inside joke that makes this image worth keeping just for them.

    Seeing this out of context, I don’t feel that judging anybody is really fair.

    • The photo is from a professional. All of the photos on this site are. AND this photo has a watermark.

  9. Judging by the suit and the flowers this has got to be a Russian wedding.

  10. Someone

    They spelled ‘fauxtos’ wrong.

  11. EyeSlurp

    Look at their expressions. It was the bride’s idea. The groom is just along for the ride (for this & the whole wedding). (There’s probably also a fake-carriage shot — maybe they couldn’t afford the real items. Or more likely, they think this is funny, too.)

  12. Melissa Burke

    The bride’s head looks photoshopped to me… and I agree, if this photo is just for the bride and groom, don’t put a signature on it!

  13. DEAR GOD. This photo scares me! And her head is floating

  14. James Root

    Look at my horse- my horse is amazing!

  15. cassandra

    Forget the horse! What is the groom wearing a satin tux???

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