Bubble Faces

Hate to burst your bubble Fauxtog, but this is just ridiculous!

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  1. I’d be willing to bet the image of the bubble is from a stock website too… not a shot from their own portfauxlio! 🙂

    • stock website? whats that? fauxtogs use google image search lol

      • Good point! lol! I also like how the main image is also really badly pixelated… probably from a camera phone! Fauxtog can’t even get that right!

  2. god I hate people.

  3. This pains me greatly to even look at.

  4. This person actually has a photography business? Its pieces of shi! like this that give decent photographers a bad name!

  5. Shutterbug Doug

    I guess they couldn’t figure out how to shrink the picture to fit both faces in there. That eyeball with a forehead is creepin’ me out! Some of the things fauxtogs do never ceases to surprise me.

  6. Oh I laughed….then laughed more….I love this photo….imagine it blown up reaaaallly large on canvas hanging in the client’s hallway….that’s hilarious. This image is sooooo bad that it’s good….!!!!! 😛

  7. Again, a decent stock photo completely ruined by a fauxtog with a Rebel and a watermark…*sigh*

  8. Some people should have their PhotoShop license revoked.

  9. The bubbles are really pretty. The other photo, however…? I think I took better pics with the old ePhoto 1 megapixel thingie I had back in 2001.

    But really, what was the ‘tog trying to say here? The girls are bubbleheads?

  10. I actually think this is one of the better images presented here on this site.
    Isn’t that sad?

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