I See You

The translucent baby bumps get to me the most. So creepy.

(Follow link above to see picture)

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  1. Why?! Seriously. Why? Why the hell would not only one person think this is a good idea, but like lots of people? And who are these people paying for this creepy shit?

  2. I don’t even like sonograms! 😛

  3. And why do so many people insist on wearing their husbands baggy workshirts!?

  4. And it’s breech.

  5. For cripes sake, couldn’t they even put the kid head-down, in the PROPER position?? This is beyond creepy. It’s CRAPPY.

    • Anonymous

      well, actually, the baby doesn’t orient itself in the head down position until shortly before birth…

  6. after looking closer… i don’t think that is even a sonogram… that looks like a REAL shot of a baby… which kinda makes this even creepier than first glace… i COULD be mistaken b/c they are getting fancy with sonograms now… but i mean you can see the baby all scruntched up like a pose. 🙁

    • oh my god you are right.. that is a picture of a real live baby.. which is really creepy.. I mean seriously seriously creepy. So… this woman.. has someone elses (or her own) live baby in her belly? that is gross.. I assume what happened is the fauxtog went onto google looking for a pic of a baby that fit in there nicely… so its probably just some strangers live baby in her stomach… that is just disgusting… seriously I hope someone did not pay for this picture. I wonder if the actual baby’s parents know that baby is in someone elses picture, or the actual photographer (if I am right, that is) knows their picture was ripped off in this way.

      • calm down. they could have made the photo after the baby was born!

  7. Susan Hoffman

    Clearly that’s not a real sonogram. it’s probably a photo of the baby after birth which the person layered under the baby bump. In terms of technique they did an OK job – in terms of content, it is darned creepy.

  8. Let’s see – no bad lighting – check
    no bad spot coloring – check
    no vignetting – check
    no focus issues – check

    I know – let’s superimpose an image of junior at 2 days over the bump so he can see what he looked like when he was inside… Bad IDEA.

    I know there are companies out there (we have one locally) that do 3d ultra sounds – then sell the prints to the parents as “ART” – Yuck – never wanted to see my kids in utero in 3d – sorry – I just don’t see the art in this.

    • that baby is at least 3 weeks old if not more.. I just wanted to point that out

  9. Anonymous

    This would be pretty good except for the baby…

  10. It looks like she’s wearing a rather creepy t-shirt to me.

  11. I showed this to my (pregnant) wife. I think I should be grateful she did not go into spontaneous labor.

  12. Has anyone else noticed she appears to be floating, maybe my calibrated monitor is off but I don’t see the “Good” lighting or coloring some have mentioned. Maybe it’s just me.

    • because her pants are black she has no legs. just a belly which makes the whole picture that much more disturbing

  13. Ghost baby in a zombie momma.

  14. That is the creepiest thing I have seen all day. So strange!

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