Party Time!

So you could pay someone to take pictures like that, or you could give out disposable cameras to your 5-year-old nephew. Your call.

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  1. Wow, it’s obvious this person is just trying to make it during these tough economic times. Maybe he/she should take up another trade!

  2. Don’t forget..not only will the fun remain after the party also have nice blackmail pictures!!

  3. I have lost all hope in humanity.

  4. Sad.

  5. This is probably the least offensive you’ve posted.

    The guy is offering candid photos – for I’m guessing – around $50.00 – which when all is said and done, is probably what they’d spend on disposables and developing.

    Also keep in mind that these are rural / tourist town people, they, for the most part, aren’t the black tie / red carpet crowd. They enjoy the simple things and for them renting a gym for a party is a big deal. Having someone else do the photos for them is a plus – that way they can have fun without worrying about their camera or disposables.

    Could he improve? Sure. But for his audience / target and price range – I’m guessing he’s going to do fine.

    • No one is making fun of rural folk. And for anyone advertising they’ll take pictures at someone else’s expense, no matter how low key the event, he’s not doing just fine. Also, if $50.00 is just his fee I’m guessing these people are going to want prints, which is more money on top of that. Still too much money for poor pictures.

    • You seem to be the only one who made a condescending comment about “rural people”. Besides the fact that Rochester is a small city of 200,000 and hence not quite rural, you really believe that everyone outside of NYC and LA is a country bumpkin whose high point in life will be a party in a high school gym, or that decent professional photographers don’t exist in these places?

  6. Notice he says “NO EMAILS”.

    This is typical of a fauxtographer. Means they don’t want any type of paper trail. Sickening.

  7. He’s totally just in it for the open bar

  8. I love the “NO EMAILS!” Way to turn off a potential customer. Hint: IF you’re advertising on the Internet, then people need to be able to contact you through the Internet. If I wanted to call someone on the phone, I’d be looking in the phonebook, not online.

  9. Wsroadrunner

    That’s almost as good as the fauxtographer who says “Why have your photos made in a studio with a back drop when all of Mother Nature is available for that moment?”

    Yes, why have your portraits done in a professional studio with proper lighting, thousands of dollars worth of professional backgrounds and proper equipment to control lighting to make you look your best when you can have a snapshot taken outdoors in unpredictable lighting, insects, wind, and other elements which can ruin your shot?

  10. To be fair, my 5 year old nephew is too short to take those pictures.

  11. I like the “NO EMAILS” part.

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