Girl On A Car

car girl

Oh what a great effect, you can’t tell where she ends and where the car begins!

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  1. Genius planning. This reminds me of another pic I saw recently. The couple were at a studio setup in front of a black backdrop with their two kids. Yes, you guessed it, the lady was wearing black just like this one. Nothing says faux like a disembodied head and arms. And again, some people wonder why they should pay for a pro. A hot red dress people. That’s why. Black on black…genius.

  2. Worst Case Scenario

    To be fair, it’s pretty hard to get blacks that rich and STILL burn out the hair!

    • Good call. I guess the skunk hair and white forearm are supposed to complement the logo.

  3. NVM that “Southern Exposure” is a strip club chain in WV.

  4. It’s okay if it was a beginner.. What we unfortunately don’t know…

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