Friends Who Are Tied Together, Stay Together

tied together
Tying these ladies together with shiny red fabric really helps to show just how good of friends they are! Bravo fauxtog, bravo…

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  1. Faith S.

    wth? seriously? wow.

  2. Reality Visions

    Hmmmm ummmmmmm Mabye they are a couple?

  3. Falcon Gtho

    /\ This. Im thinking lesbos. Again, another example of the customer “demanding”.

  4. The bow matches the hair!

  5. Maybe they “tied the knot”? I dunno, all I can see is a 3-legged race. Pretty ladies, though.

  6. They stole that fabric from a Vegas wedding table. Falcon is one of those desperate people who want to see lesbianism in everything…

  7. fauxtographer / faux conjoined twins.

  8. Horrible lighting, horrible props, horrible setup, horrible idea, horrible composition, horrible shot….have I left anything out?

  9. aswicks

    You left out horrible shadows from the on camera flash.

  10. Um, as a “lesbo” myself, yes…that’s a good guess…but I don’t know any that would want to be tied together (well, at least like this). You left out the horrible vignetting/fading out around the whole picture.

  11. I don’t think they’re lesbian as their pose is far too awkward for people who are intimate.

    This is depressing coming here. 🙁

  12. Bwahahaaaaaaa it looks like the gal on the right is named Eileen! Get it? One leg? Leaning? Oh shut up.

  13. Ok not nice with the slag term usage of Lesbos instead of Lesbians! The people in the image are poorly placed, has nothin to do with their sexual preference. Faux, as for the picture, bad staging, werid shadows, over sized bow, and the thin girl needs an angle to make her 3 dimentional! Plus werid boarder darkening!

  14. Wsroadrunner

    Someone must have gotten a new Rebel for Christmas

  15. What really makes this photo not-good…apart from the obvious use of onboard flash, is the angle. It looks like it was taken with a wide-angle lens and at about waist-height to the subjects. Thus the larger lady looks unfortunately even larger, and both heads appear rather large in comparison to their feet.

  16. BurninBiomass

    Perhaps they are Siamese twins attached at the… well… nevermind.

  17. bad concept, bad lighting, bad pose, bad photoshop job….Just plain bad.

    even if the couple had wanted to be posed with a ribbon tying them together there are a ton of better ways to do it.

  18. pop up flash and 3 leged siamese!

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