True Love Stories Have No Endings

And true fauxtogs have no skill.

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  1. Archie Misra


  2. This is probably the worst photo I have ever seen, how could someone put their name on it.

  3. True love means never having to be in focus.

  4. Annoyed

    I’ve seen this watermark before…is this all the same perpetrator or do they just all use the same shitty watermark? I can’t even begin to pick this apart. It’s just terrible. The shadows, the “artistic blur”, the crappy text, the cropping, the vignetting….it’s just all so terribly wrong. I consider myself somewhere between faux and pho. I don’t have a lot of formal training, but I read and watch and ask questions of my friends who are off the charts amazing. I don’t charge session fees, but I do sell prints. And before anyone jumps on my shit, I DO have a business license and I DO pay taxes on the money I make. I’ve done some horrible work…I know this. I know when it’s bad though, and I certainly don’t post it. I do hang onto it to remind of how far I’ve come though.

  5. Love means Picasa spot focus?

  6. haha … crocodile hand shadow….

  7. Is that Haley from Paramore?

  8. Timothy

    The crispness of the shadows would indicate that strobe was probably used. And if you look more closely at where some of those shadows are, more then one light source was used to create this image. So what we must have here is a fauxtog with a budget! LOL

  9. I’m surprised that no one mentioned the hand growing from her hip?

  10. What the hell is up with the reptile hand shadow?

  11. Bwahahahahahahaahaaa!!!! Okay the hand shadow puppet may be the best thing the site has ever posted. Well played fauxtog, well played.

  12. Who are these people in the picture? I guess we will never know!

  13. skynigurl

    Is this an April Fools prank?

  14. She has no eyes! The horror! Where happened to her eyes?

  15. You people are so cruel.

    This is a fourth generation Chernobyl survivor love story. Sure they are horribly malformed with no eyes and appendages growing from where they shouldn’t. And yes, they both suffer from dysomphalos. But these are people too. Do they not bleed or scream out when you poke them where their eyes should be?

    Dysomphalos suffers should not be laughed at. They need clear and focused empathy to help them rejoin society. Their purpose in life might not be crystal clear but I’m sure with some direction they will become less wooden and cliched, and someday they might be seen in a totally new diffused light so that those harsh shadows of their past are less of a focus.

  16. @ Peter:

    I so hope that you are making a joke here… Think it’s been said enough that this community is not reacting against the victims that show on the pictures but against the Fauxtographer(s) that take advantage of them….

    This picture is Pure Art. (Not Fine Art…)

    Let me explain:

    When a guy puts a fishing hook through his skin it’s just weird. When he puts 10 through his skin it becomes insane and gross. But when he puts 20 through his skin and has himself hoisted up it’s Performance Art.

    IN the same way this picture is Pure Art.

  17. Wsroadrunner

    On the plus side, the poor subjects are so out of focus that there is a plausible deniability.

  18. @Jaap, reread Peter’s comment. The whole comment. Unless you have no sense of humor, you will laugh as hard as I did.

  19. @WDYT.

    Hi. I did read it. And I was in doubt how it was intended, given some of the previous reactions here from quite some folks…c There have been similarly dodgy posts from folks that were all to serious… 😉

    His comment seems far fetched but not all that if you consider what’s been done to the inocent Dysomphalos suffers in the picture…


  20. …they have no faces either…

  21. the way her hair looks makes it almost look like she is wearing a blindfold and we are witnessing some sort of bizarre mating ritual.

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