I’m just waiting for the inevitable “that’s kinda cool” comments. No, not really.

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  1. That’s kinda cool…

  2. Oh I don’t know. I don’t think this is in the same category of “problem” as what you usually post. The idea is mildly clever and the black and white is decently executed, even looks like a flat picture compared to the 3d color area. I wouldn’t give it awards, mind you, but I don’t think it really qualifies as _bad_ in the same way the other photos on this site do. What would you suggest they’d done differently?

    • I think ditching the wardrobe choice, mainly the Rockstar shirt and the sunglasses. A pose with more energy or character and composition that avoids cropping at the knees or elbows and avoiding the municipal park photography look by finding an interesting locale.

      • I think the hairband around her wrist is a nice touch…so glad the photographer did not notice that…

        Sarcasm aside, it’s not that bad, except the black and white inside the frame makes no sense. Why would you want to de-emphasize your subjects like that? Kind of a cute idea, but badly executed.

        On this site…and every day on my facebook news feed…I have seen much, much worse.

      • Samantha

        The point of the B&W is to make it look like they’re holding a different photograph.

      • You can’t just tell someone to ditch their style of cloths and tattoos just because you have different taste than them. That is who they are, you have to work with people, what are you going to say, “you are not allowed to be photographed by me unless you dress like the type of people I photograph! Muahhahahaha.”

      • It would be literally impossible to capture that guy, wearing that outfit and those $5 bargain bin sunglasses, in any sort of light where he would look attractive and not like a douche. His shirt and tattoo completely take over the shot because of how busy the designs are. Your eyes are focused more on what his body than their faces. That’s bad, and it isn’t necessarily the photographer’s fault, although they can use little tricks to work around it.

        You can capture all lifestyles in classy, tasteful ways, but it’s still important that your subjects are wearing things and posing in ways that are flattering and not distracting.

    • I think they should have tilted the frame and posed either standing or laying on their stomachs….maybe reverse the b&w effect or went with a white background. But definitely not in the same category of what we usually see on this page.

      • I think the point was to make it look like they were holding a portrait of themselves that was in black and white.. That’s what it looks like to me.

      • I agree. Biggest mistake is that the focus of the picture should be the people, and the black and white emphasizes them. Invert selection!

        The other problem is the lifelessness of the pose, and maybe the wardrobe. It looks like it’s intended to be a formal picture, and if they paid someone to do photos for them, why does the guy look like he’s about to take a cold one out of the fridge and watch the game?

  3. It could have been kinda cool if done the other way around — desaturing outside the frame instead of inside. That doesn’t fix the other problems, but it would at least be a little less bad. It does make me want to experiment…

    • Yeah, I really don’t understand the “let’s do selective color so that everything but our subjects pops” idea that you see on this website a lot.

    • This is exactly what I was thinking. It would make more sense (thought not necessarily look better) if the saturation pattern was reversed.

      Beyond that, I just have a big Whiskey Tango Foxtrot expression on the whole thing.

  4. It’s all about the upskirt shot isn’t it?

    • I guess that shows how unfortunate the rest of the photo is that I never even noticed that.

  5. It reminds me of that cheesy Ah-Ha video…….

  6. What I don’t understand is, why would you want the focal point to be black and white lol

  7. That’s kinda cool . . . I’m lying; it’s not cool. It’s dumb!

  8. Shannon Gottschalk

    Maybe if it was reversed, like the inside part color and the outside black and white. And the pose isn’t really that great. I think with the right pose it could be OK. I still don’t think you should ever do spot color though….

  9. maybe it’s just the rockstar shirt that’s throwing the picture off LOL! I think if it was colored differently like maybe with a sharpie over the whole thing. . . I’m just kidding!

  10. Is this suppose Britney Spears and K-Fed?? you can see her blue underwear….not flattering.

    • Wow, you must have the brightness on your monitor cranked way up. I couldn’t even tell it was a skirt and not shorts until someone pointed it out earlier in the comments, let alone actually see any underwear.

  11. I think it would have been tons better if the colorization was reversed. Still not fantastic, but better.

  12. I think that they started with a good idea, but then ruined it. So many things could be done differently, for instance, let’s not shoot up the girl’s coochie. That’s never attractive and this angle makes her thighs look large. Don’t chop elbows. In post, selective coloring is never a good idea in my opinion, it’s tacky.

    Unfortunately, we can’t control what our clients wear, other than only recruiting the kind of clients we want to shoot, and not people too lazy to put on an actual shirt. That being said, the photographer could of tucked (or heck erased in post) that little hanger strap from the girl’s armpit…

  13. Kill me for it, and I am the anti-selective coloring QUEEN, I don’t think this is terrible.

    Let me just say, I would never do this nor would I ever hang anything resembling this in my house.

    But it’s interesting. They look flat and it looks like it “could” be a B&W picture in a frame.

    Sure, it’s tacky and his outfit choice is horrendous, but hell, I’ve sent you shit that’s boatloads worse than this. I don’t think this one was post worthy

  14. I would have had the world in black and white and them in colour and I agree to the placement pose comments above. Then add some off camera flash even though it’s our doors you can still play with light.

  15. Might actually be good the other way around, colour inside and black and white outside? And yeah, better wardrobe but whatev’s.

  16. how about the hanger hook hanging out of her dress….. WOW

  17. Bad, bad, bad. Sure, you can’t control what your client chooses to wear (bogan chic, anyone?), but you can advise the client to loose the hair tie around her wrist, adjust the angle so you don’t see her knickers and tuck in the coathanger loop back into her dress.
    Selective colour = bad. Just bad. Just don’t.

  18. I’m truly not a photographer, but to me their arms draw way more attention than their faces do (probably a result of the black and white coloring). Not well composed if you ask me.

  19. I hate the use of a picture frame in a portrait almost as much as I hate selective coloring. Why is the ‘hold a frame over your face’ fad suddenly in? Is it the Railroad Tracks of 2011?

  20. i’ll admit i have done this before. I was blatantly copied by a serious fauxtographer so i had to give it up.

  21. Yeah, so, no one’s mentioned how the B&W is seeping over the frame… sloppy. Just sloppy. A hot mess.

  22. Anonymous

    Her description of herself is far better though:
    “Photographer · 2008 to present
    ¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.• Self~tought Artistic Amatuer Photographer Situated in Northern NSW – Australia. My camra is my tool that captures and brings to life the images that have already been created in my mind. I try to write a story and catch somthing special and personal when taking every piture. My creativity comes from the heart and its somthing i have alot of passion and love for. I love my work and have an eye forcreative detail, which i think makes all my images unique. So if you would like your pitures captured with an artistic modern edge, Please just contact me for my price pack details .”

  23. I think it’s an interesting concept just poorly done. Without the frame and desaturation the image is terrible, the d-bag glasses, un-kept hair, hair tie, strap or the fact that it looks like he has something growing off his chin (which Mr. D-bag might) the image is still a bad image, adding the frame won’t improve what’s already a bad image. I think the photo with in a photo thing could work just done properly with a bit more creativity.

  24. AdrianaVega

    Idea is neat
    Execution not so much

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