Baby Pictures

This will be the picture that haunts this kid for life. The one his moms shows to all of his first dates.

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  1. Doesn’t that window light just look so fab!

    No wonder he is crying, I’d cry too.

    Is it just me or does the water get a bit more yellow and deep on the right hand side of the picture?

  2. Does anyone else think this photograph is incredibly creepy?

  3. manda rae

    the watermark covering his bits and peices is just cracking me up…not sure why, but it is…

    • me, too! There’s just something oddly funny about the placement…

      • Rch2411 Photography

        Agree! Bad placement of a water mark on a nude shows lack of knowledge and bad photography. If they so timid about the nudity crop above baby’s waste would have been a better image.

  4. Is that child getting baptized in a paint roller tin?

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