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    Hello all,

    Can you please visit my website and give me some feedback on my portfolio on my main page.  I am a self-taught “photographer”….Yes, I consider myself a “Fauxtogropher” right now in my stage of photography, but I am constantly learning all I can.  Am I headed down the right path and what are the main concerns you see??


    Thanks so much!  Please don’t be too harsh 🙂


    Since there seems to be no easy way to see a portfolio I’ve only seen about a dozen shots or so. A couple issues stood out to me such as green images at the wedding (the green leaves on the trees will create a green colour cast which needs correcting), shooting posed shots in hard dappled sunlight (never a good idea), a couple of shots which simply weren’t in proper focus, excessive amount of space above subject (lots of shots), very distracting chromatic aberrations which are pretty easily removed (shot of girl in train yard, not a great place to shoot btw unless you plan on getting run over) and some overexposure of face (kid with piercing blue eyes, all definition in the face has been lost), not so straight horizons. That is just a little laundry list of things that could be sorted out. Also, what is the ape doing in there?

    While I’m personally not a fan of the washed out low contrast look you are going for you are at least pretty consistent with it but a couple of shots you’ve suddenly gone for high contrast which stands out in a bad way. You have some odd editing going on where a couple of shots there appears to be lots of smoothing that has removed most of the detail in the shot. None of your shots seem particularly sharp but I wonder if that is the website or your editing doing it. Some are obviously not sharp because focus is off but none of the shots have that crispness I would expect from a pro. If it is as simple asyour website doing it, then at least it is an easy fix.

    If you consider yourself to be a fauxtog, please don’t do weddings unless you feel you know what you are doing. It doesn’t matter if someone’s portrait session doesn’t pan out perfectly but if you can’t deliver a consistent result stay away from the weddings. Have you got insurance?


    I have only done one wedding and I did it for free. I am trying to get on as a 2nd shooter to build up more experience in that area.  I am still doing free portrait sessions as well to get more experience.


    Thank you so much for your honesty!


    I will second what Nesgran has already stated and will add your web page drop down menus are not very friendly.  If the mouse is off a little, the items disappear into the top menu again, and if you do get the mouse over an item, it disappears.


    I agree with all that nes pointed out.
    Color management seems to be an area where you don’t quite have a handle. Are you properly calibrated? Custom white balance? Or is WB something you adjust in post? I’m not completely convinced it’s a WB issue though, could possibly be the use of premade actions that are wonking things up. I went ahead and checked your Facebook to get a better feel of how your sessions are as a whole, and yeah, your colors and tonality change quite a bit not only within sessions, but as a whole as well. Looks very… Florabella, the best actions ever, cream latte, jazzy jazz filter, buy me and be awesome too, actiony to me. It’s just all over the place. Your eyes are quite over done in a few shots as well, and look kind of strange.

    Don’t do portraits on railroad tracks, and if you feel you must, don’t show them off. There are a few reasons for this. Go ahead and google a bit.

    I like that you are honest about both your skill set, and “prices” with your audience. Very refreshing. Keep shooting, lay back on the actions/editing, and work on getting consistency in your exposures and colors, and I bet you find you won’t need those silly actions as much as you might think.  I think you’ll do just fine


    Ok wait a minute. I think I might have confused you with another recent post. Scratch that last compliment. Your about says

    General Information
    Tulsa based Lifestyle Photographer specializing in Senior Portraits, Elopements & Weddings.

    Oops! Not exactly honest. lol


    Oh no! And your blog has some uncredited photos that aren’t your own, and some uncredited articles and other text that was copied and pasted. Lmao. Why? That’s so very odd and deceitful (And against the law)
    I find it so very bizarre that you put out this whole fake persona out there, kind of trying to emulate more established photographers. Why is it not ok to market yourself honestly. Use your photography, your thoughts, your feelings etc. don’t you think that would not only be more honest, but so very much more productive and beneficial to you and your photography, and your clients, than trying to copy/paste/buy/click yourself into some cookie cutter tog with a blog? I don’t expect you to answer me, but. I sure wish you could, because it truly baffles me as to why any photographer would ever not want their photography to be about their photography, their learning process, their experiences, etc. what’s the point exactly? Who’s this for?

    Ummm yeah, spend a little more time and energy on learning the basics, rather than all the weird, fake, dishonest marketing stuff that you’re doing, and then I can say your headed down the right path. But so far your headed further down the faux hole than even I realized at first glance.


    I know I’m typing too much.  I know you asked not to be harsh…

    But, why aren’t YOU good enough?  You tell us that you think you are still in the “fauxtographer stage” (whatever that means) and “I have only done one wedding and I did it for free. I am trying to get on as a 2nd shooter to build up more experience in that area.  I am still doing free portrait sessions as well to get more experience.”

    But, you blog about how much you enjoy/prefer intimate weddings, and tell your audience you specialize in weddings and senior portraits.  Run contests for free shoots and whatnot. Have price lists and session fees and…  it doesn’t make sense.  I guarantee you are confusing the hell out of your audience and your clients.  it’s not going to go well.

    Why would it be bad for you to say something like “I’m a beginner photographer and haven’t yet discovered what I enjoy shooting best, or what I excel at.  I’m looking for experience with____, and I also would love to get some second shooter experience.  If you think I might be a good fit, please don’t hesitate to contact me” blah blah blah, whatever your truth is or what you are looking to get from things?  Don’t you think this would serve you better?  Maybe a photographer would actually see your about or blog post about wanting second shooter experience and want to give you a try.  Maybe more people would share your posts because they would actually be legit, and have reason behind them.

    Seriously, we all start somewhere.  We all start not knowing a lick of anything about anything.  Why try to fake it or be something/someone we are not?





    DON’T give away your services – it just tells everyone “My services have no value at all.” If you agree that your photography is NOT up to the pro level, don’t advertise this. This is like a new doctor saying “My residency just ended and I’ve got much more to learn, so I’m waiving me private practice fees until I get to the next level.” No one will EVER go to that doc, even if that advert is legal (which it isn’t).

    Learn FIRST, advertise LATER when you’re confident in you skills, and NEVER give away your services. EVER.


    Yes Eyedoc

    My brain fart above where I thought she had a different bio and whatnot because I had read someone else’s along with hers earlier in the day and got confused… Well she was “portfolio building”. She made it clear to the public that she was was new to business and needed more experience, and educated her clientele with shared posts, blog entries, etc. She was an LLC. Her portfolio building prices for sessions were $150 non refundable, with a portion of the money to go towards their print purchase. Her clients not only know that they are using someone inexperienced, but also that her prices will eventually increase as her skills/experience improve and she’s ready to start being profitable, and she’s also seeking second shooter experience like the OP (and since she’s honest, she’s actually getting it) There’s no contests, like ladders, silliness, going on on her wall or her blog at all. Her clients know what they will get when they hire her, know that if they aren’t satisfied they will receive a reshoot, know what they are paying for, and they learn from her about costs and value. Yes, she may have went in just slightly prematurely, (although she had some lovely photos in her port, her consistency just isn’t there yet, and like the above poster she has some color management issues and whatnot) but she seems to have a good understanding of the business, isn’t selling herself short, is honest with her clients/audience, and in no way devaluing portrait photography services, which creates a great starting point for herself, and helps the industry as a whole.

    For the life of me I can’t find her again though. I’m beginning to think I was dreaming. Maybe I was?


    And Bobbie, if you still feel you are in free mode (I agree that you are) because you haven’t quite got the skill set yet, there’s no need to be in business, have a page and a blog and market and all that jazz.  You can shoot for free or hire  models when you need to and can afford to, and you don’t have a business page or website, or a logo, or gimmicks.  Just ask for help when you need it and want to try something new, or work on something in particular.  Take the pressure off yourself and allow yourself to be an amateur for awhile.  Shoot for yourself and for your own experiences.  Give yourself time to figure out what you really want and like to do.  Then come back strong and ready with confidence to sell a service that you know you are proud to offer to people, and with the ability to sell it using your own words, and wonderful images.


    Overall not too bad.

    Two things that stand out:

    1) watch your white balance when applying actions or using photoshop. They enhance your minimal knowledge of how to attain proper white balance.

    2) recommend putting a specific portfolio for each category under each genre header. Don’t advertise weddings until you are proficient.  Cheap parents that don’t appreciate fine photography will overlook the bad white balance and poorly composed shots of their baby because their baby is perfect in their eyes. However, you screw up a wedding and watch the fire and brimstone fall from the sky. You recognize you’re in the “faux” category so why not take that cue and become proficient in photography first?


    ok Bobby,

    You’re kind of pissing me off over here.

    QUIT stealing other people’s hard work and passing it off as your own!

    First blog post was taken from here

    Lifestyle Family Sessions are BACK. But!


    second blog post taken from here



    Third post is taken from here


    and is a big fat lie.  You shoot and share because you want things to be easier and because you don’t know how to sell.  you DO also realize that to have this business model be the least bit successful you have to charge more up front per session/event?  a LOT more. (but that’s neither here nor there)


    forth blog post taken from here

    Pricing & Experience


    Your lifestyle session information was taken from here



    Your elopement information taken from here



    Senior information taken from here



    even your  “about me”  is stolen



    This is after you came here and were told not to do this, and to be yourself and to not be dishonest

    YOU ARE A FRAUD!  You have a lot of guts coming here and waisting our time on your photography only to continue trying to rip people off.  WTF?!  Who does that?!


    Have you ever read this blog?

    Sara-Anne Photography


    This entry might be of interest to you as will many others.  Do you want to end up featured on the blog yourself?  Keep doing what you are doing and chances are you WILL be.  I’m ready to submit you to the admin if your stolen content isn’t removed immediately.  So put on those big girl panties and clean your act up!


    Seriously!!! UGH!  You specialize in in home lifestyle and weddings?!  NO YOU DON’T!!!!  WTF?!  Why are you trying to do this to people?  and leaving them to print.  Yep, I see why.  You know nothing about color management or making a decent print, and you don’t give a shit what your clients end up with.  you in a nut shell are exactly what is wrong with the industry today.  You should be ashamed.  While you are taking all the short cuts, faking it until you make it, there are photographers out there busting their ass to do this legitimately.

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