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    Just be sure to not use it if there is going to be anything reflective in the shot. Neutrals are the unofficial uniform of a photographer.


    Use whatever strap you want.  It has meaning to you, and it has a story behind it.

    Open Focus

    I would probably keep the black one handy, if it makes you uncomfortable. I doubt the patrons at the wedding will be focused on the photographer’s strap.

    I use a bright multicolored strap when I do children portraits. I usually reference my straps when I need them to look at the lens. Keeps parents from jingling keys in my ear. I wouldn’t personally use my pink sequin hand strap at a wedding, but for other events, I don’t see the problem.


    I personally wouldn’t for these reasons. Because it sounds like it is quite noticeable and it’s distracting. Especially you are shooting in a wedding environment.  Blending in is a big thing.

    During concert shooting and wedding shooting, I’ve always worn either black or something that makes me blend in and invisible. If you are noticed more than your shots, then you are doing something wrong. IMO

    Mrs Woo

    I notice straps.  I have a WTD strap.

    For some reason I hate the straps that come with the cameras emblazoned with the company name.

    If you’re uncomfortable with it, find a more neutral strap.  However, ‘old-fashioned photographer straps’ are probably immediately just assumed to show you’re an old-fashioned photographer.

    If you’re female and want to be especially interesting you could always get one of those straps with the silk flowers on them…  (j/k)


    If the strap works for you, use it.

    At Digital REV, they usually put a Nikon strap on the Canon they are reviewing and a Canon strap on the Nikon they are reviewing.  I got an aftermarket strap for a shoot, it had metal swivel clips so it is easy to remove from the camera and the strap does not get all twisted.  It is in a box somewhere, the swivels are too heavy and make it feel awkward.  I just use the straps that came with the cameras.  I wrap them around my wrist two or three times so they are fairly unobtrusive anyway.  If you are carrying one of the larger bodies with a big white lens, no one notices the strap anyway.


    Laura Beth, if the strap is black underneath, you could always just wear the black side out if being conspicuous could be a problem. This way you still have a wee bit of your flair peeking out, but not enough to scream I’M DIFFERENT. I have a colourful guitar strap I was considering for this use, actually – it looks Spanish and has a black velvet backing. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Oh ~ and to the thread hijackers, I hope you had fun.


    A unique and colorful strap also makes it easier to identify your camera, and in theory less likely to get stolen because of that.

    That said, I never use the straps that come with the camera (sell them on eBay!). I have a BlackRapid double strap for some gigs, other straps for other gigs.

    Mrs Woo

    I actually have a neck strap and a hand strap on my camera.  The neck strap for times when I’m walking with it but not shooting, the hand strap because I worry that my coordination issues mean that I might drop it – really don’t want to/can’t afford to replace it at this point.

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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