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    Personally, I get frustrated by every PWC (parent with camera) that shows up at an event (any level) and hands out inkjet business cards and proceeds to break every rule of professional etiquette – making my job harder. I love educating/helping out aspiring sports shooters, so I think more should be done to discourage the PWC from taking people’s money in return for poorly cropped blurry shots with a kit lens on a Canon Rebel (just an example). Hell, I’ll even let an aspiring shooter take some shots with my gear so they can get a feel for the difference.  10 years ago, I had some sideline professionals offer me the same courtesy and I thank them for it every time I see them.

    Just my two cents…


    Facebook has turned out to be the most accessible way to communicate with clients, parents, etc. I wonder why we even have traditional websites anymore.



    Dear HSIphoto,

    The stuff I see here is PWAC or Momtogs trying to be professional — families, weddings, etc. It is so fundamentally different from action. You can’t shoot soccer with your camera set on A or P. I never see any action, sports or anything remotely commercial in this forum. (The one exception would be posed group shots with ball props, etc.) If it moves, these folks cannot shoot it anyway. It would be so unidentifiable. Look at some of the shots — if a foot, arm or finger moves in a fauxtog photo, its blurred. What you do is so far beyond this — both technically, legally and professionally — you can’t even compare.

    I would love to see some of the really sub-par PWAC stuff you’ve encountered and I feel your pain. But I have to suppose the public just doesn’t have very high standards when it comes to good sports shots. Most think anything that is mostly in focus is acceptable. In my opinion, this forum can’t even get  to action shots because of the overload of horrid still portraiture.

    I’m a fan of SportsShooter but haven’t joined. Most of my generation retired with film, so I don’t know anyone personally. I’ll go there now and check out your page. Maybe Sportshooter would open a category for posting PWAC absurdities. Have you asked them?


    Just checked out your Sportsshooter stuff. Love the emotion in #3 and the flying mud is exquisite in #4. Great stuff.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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