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    Let me know what you think of my work

    Ken Jones Beauty Photography http://www.fultonstudio.com


    Stunning!,  🙂 love your bio, inspires me to keep pursuing what i love.


    Thanks Chikimia, There are hardships to being a artist or a photographer.

    But in the end I am happy when I go to sleep, you should always look for some middle ground.

    Ken Jones

    Ken Jones Photography http://www.fultonstudio.com


    Lovely work, Ken, though assuming you want some nitpicking, I’m not too crazy about the shots of the blonde in the meadow.  I don’t know, just not enough contrast and the stalk right in the middle of her face in the 2nd shot.   Love the studio stuff though.

    You have a very impressive client list too.   And you’re in NYC?  And making a living?  Dude, you are so not a fauxtog, it’s not even funny.

    Curious – what on earth are you doing here?!  If you want validation for your work, there are far better sites than YANAP.


    Oh, I love you are not a photographer!

    as for the image you question, its odd and that’s why I like it I’m not crazy about it but I have some feelings for it.  It was a fluke with the stalk and I just feel it was for a reason. But as time goes by it will start to lose its appeal to me.

    Thanks for your comments and thanks for the praise.






    I have to agree that your studio work is amazing! I especially like the two photos of the model with the lily in her hair – great colours and expression.



    Well, obviously your work is fantastic, however your website is feeling a bit outdated. If you ever want some work done, I’d be happy to set you up with something that shows you off better, I’m not looking for money, just something to be able to point future clients at as an example.



    Hello Tony,

    Thanks for the site update offer but in actuality (KISS) Keep it Simple Stupid. is the best site style for a commercial photographer.

    Based on a CMS for quick update as well as the ability to give it a facelift to whatever style I want.
    Simple easy navigation for both commercial clients who have no time to figure things out & retail browsers who just want to see the work fast.
    Up-datable, non-flash gallery system which is browser scalable and fully customizable to different layouts.
    Full SEO and SEM control for retail photography client searches.

    The sites for a commercial photographer look boring on the outside but have to cater to creatives who just want ot see the images in a quick presentation. The retail style clients may like the bells and whistles but the rent is paid by AD agencies who dont like or have the time for navigation mazes. Send me some of your designs. we create PHP, html 5 systems for out clients though my web team.  sometime I need another designer when my main one is designing books for her other clients.


    Thanks Again.


    Ken Jones






    Ken, it’s shooters like you who make me jealous. Absolutely love the work.

    Plus, I totally agree with your stance on the KISS principle of a photographer’s website. Too often, I see these amazing flash sites that actually take away from the work. It’s not an advisable approach to create a website/online portfolio display that overshadows your images. When I say your site, I never really noticed the web design – just the amazing imagery that grabs your attention.

    Awesome job!


    J. Heffran




    Wonderful work and a good web page philosophy.  Easy to navigate and operation across platforms trumps bells & whistles.


    Hello J. Heffran,


    Thanks for the compliments, I like what you do as well I’m not any good at sports photography though but fashion can get just as rough as hockey and football :).

    Also a Thank you to cameraclicker for the feedback.  I love it simple sometimes I’ll come across another photographers site that has a great gallery set-up but then I’ll notice it load slow or its flash and does not read well with the search engines.     Simple is just nicer.





    One word: jealous!!! of your talent and those models who get to pose for you. You are awesome!



    Impressive work…



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