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    I don’t use flickr so I’m having trouble finding my way around the site. Can some one please tell me who took / owns this picture?http://www.flickr.com/photos/danrocha/8683941094/in/set-72157632461072839/

    It’s popped up on a “photographers” site but it doesn’t appear to have been taken by them.


    The owner of that Flickr account seems to be the owner of the photo.  There is an associated web page:  http://liesthrualens.com, the claim is the photographer has an extensive list of quality Nikon gear.  That Flickr page seems to have a lot of similar photos take with the gear listed.  There is also a FB page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lies-Thru-a-Lens-Photography/501443383235779

    Like my web page, he is not big on providing his personal information.  His Flickr profile just says he is male and single.   The URL suggests he is Dan Rocha.    You could send a message through FB.

    Visual Passion Photography (http://www.visualpassion.me/bombshell-boudoir-giveaway/) is using the photo for advertizing but that site’s boudoir section has exactly one photo which is not at the level of the pages of photos Lies Thru a Lens has.

    Lord Parker Photography (http://lord-parker.co.uk/index.php/boudoir-photography/) is also using the photo for advertizing and again, the photography on that site does not seem to match.

    The photo also shows up in Elizabeth Blackpebbles gallery.  She is the model, and like Dan, is based in the UK.



    Thanks, I found it here


    as well as taking that pic, this guy claims to be a lord!


    Check out his “commercial” photography, a real treat for HDR fans!

    Sorry CC just re read your post and saw that you’d found him as well.



    I saw his work.  Now my eyes hurt.

    According to what he (Lord Parker) put on Google:

    “Hello — thanks for the invite +Seth Goldstein for those that don’t know me yet… I am me.. A Lord from the UK, descended from King Edward III’s 3rd son Lionel of Antwerp. My family hired Guy Fawkes to blow up Parliament and started the War of the Roses among other historical incidents.”

    So, his family has a long history of being outside the law!  What’s a little copyright infringement!


    If you want to see just how far the aristocracy has fallen in this country…. Type his address into google earth!

    Though weirdly he seems to live under a HDR cloud!


    Oh LORD!  Look at what you have subjected me to Worst Case!!! lol

    Did you contact the original photographer yet?  This sort of thing happens way too much.  Such a bizarre crime.  Stealing photographs and claiming them as your own, I mean.  What exactly is the point to it?  I mean beyond deceiving people, for a chance at a session that wont deliver?  Is there some sort of benefit to it that I am unaware of?  They always get caught eventually.  Never will get it, or wrap my brain around it


    Man the HDR stuff was really hard to find as it’s not listed as HDR. The more important question for me is “There really is a Worlds End Pub?”


    More than one, apparently!  http://www.theworldsend.co.uk/


    Man the HDR stuff was really hard to find as it’s not listed as HDR. The more important question for me is “There really is a Worlds End Pub?”

    There’s a couple of World’s end pubs not to mention a really rough bit of Chelsea (which is one of the poshest bits of London) which is called the World’s end and the chavs of the area all live in the World’s end estate. An estate in Britain is probably not what you picture in your head either but a country estate is 🙂


    Is there really an estate called the world’s end estate – that’s really depressing!

    I think they call estates ‘projects’ in America?


    EMF, you are correct. The projects in America are very similar to your estates. But the whole chav things is completely original to britain, I think. I have yet to find Vicki Pollards equal in the states.


    I’m sure you’d find one in a Jerry Springer audience lol.


    There is Jeremy Kyle USA running, the British version is the pinnacle of high culture in the chav world. This is also where alpha chavs who have managed to impregnate so many 14 year old girls that they’ve forgotten who they were, face up with their offspring.

    The World’s end estate doesn’t look too bad on the outside but dear Lord (har har) it is grim when you are there. I used to live in an equally miserable council estate just across the river before I got a job that actually paid money. http://www.flickr.com/photos/44639544@N00/4538913854/

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 34 total)
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