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    @seth  I looked some more, and she responded further down in the comments of the question. Looks like she may be just starting out and willing to accept constructive critism. Pretty much everyone told her to shoot Raw and NEVER use walgreens/cvs. Though…there were a handful of people telling her there was nothing wrong with that. But she seemed more interested in trying out RAW. So I gotta give her credit for putting effort into wanting to make herself better.

      As for that baby photo….ummm…..yikes! That poor kid!


    Yup RAW is the way to go!!

    BTW – to anyone out there — my friend was telling me how she’d like to get a degree or certification in photography and she’s not near a college and has little kids so she really wants to do it online but she’s afraid that all these online schools are scams.  Anyone out there have any recommendations or advice in that area?  Anyone do any of the online ones?


    Okay, so this IS scary, she’s got a certificate from Kennesaw State University in photography.

    She’s also a step above your usual fauxtog as she’s got a tax license.



    My question is if she really took the course shouldn’t she at least know the baisics and produce fairly decent work consistantly? I mean the only consistancy I see in her photos are horrendous photos.

    no one special



    I’m scared!!! And on that album, folks are “BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS!!!” etc. “Do you do baby pics?” — NO! She does NOT! Not if you want your baby safe!

    I am truly tempted on some of these people’s pages to post very respectfully that they should NOT be doing their clients such a disservice!



    Some of the pictures have been intentionally blurred a little.
    This is for my safety and the clients safety for copyright protection.

    Blurring the image while on the website insures that the photo will not be copied or printed without permission.

    I know that sounds a little mean, as sad as it is, some folks will take and try and pass it off as there own, so I put some added protection for you and I =)

    Your CD will have the bright crisp clear images print ready and beautiful for you =)”


    This one did it for me:


    “Often, people ask, where do we print the photos after recieving our disc?   I always suggest Wal-Mart  they have great prices & can do it right online as a one hour and pick up a the store later, as well as Snapfish.com, they let you upload the photos you want, you choose your sizes and they ship right to your home, they even offer the first 20+prints free for new members.  Another option is CVS or WALGREENS, if you choose the 1 hour prints they tend to be cheaper, and the more you print, the less you pay.  Walgreens & CVS constantly have specials!!  Their are so many options.”


    @jones: can you say, “Heeeeeeeeeere’s Johnny!”


    ROFL Rizzo! I totally thought that… man. I wonder what the bride thought of that.


    That’s exactly what I was thinking with that bride pic. Looks like something from a serial killer flick.


    Boudoir Photos can be your location or mine, my only requirement at either location is that there has to be some sort of clothing, I realize there is some nudity, but I will not shoot someone that is completely naked.  
    This photo session is meant to be special for your loved one, I do not shoot a full on nude session,  
    This is a risky/private  type of photo shoot, and I do not post these type public unless they are tasteful and clothed with your consent.


    I would hope she’s not planning on doing a boudoir shoot in some client’s bedroom. Not only is that a little creepy, how would she know how the lighting is? And she doesn’t seem like the type to know all about portable studio lighting either.



    i’m back.

    with a midwest goldmine. seth, you’re gonna cringe.



    more than cringe, I might kill myself!!

    THIS:  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10200711007310496&set=gm.520812567978048&type=1&theater  Complete with brand new less than 20 minute old comments (not me lol)  WOW…  Just WOW.

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