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    Worst Case Scenario

    OMG!  That Isis Pics site is awful.  Do NOT click on the Glamour folder in the gallery section.  It’s all bad.  I’m sorry but pictures of naked women on the same site as pics of children is just inappropriate.


    I’m sorry but pictures of naked women on the same site as pics of children is just inappropriate.

    Care to explain why?


    Anyone else notice the URL in the watermark does not match the URL we are visiting to see Isis Pics?

    I’m pretty sure a site like 500px has both children and nudes.  Sometimes they may even be in the same photographer’s gallery.  I don’t recall seeing naked women in Isis Pics site, only topless and see-through tops.  I would go and look again but the Glamour folder had no glamour in it.


    He seems very inconsistent but he does have a couple of nice images hidden in there. (not the glamour section though).


    Saw this guy make this comment on a Creative Live post:

    “About 90% of the new generation photographers hav no idea of setting up a pose and how to make a model look good! I am 22 years a full time photographer and it really shocks me!! They must attend courses it is NB NB!!”

    Decided to have a look at his portfolio….




    Found this gem tonight. She was asking for critique of her green screen pics on a photography group. People including myself were overly nice in saying that she needs to skip the special effects and work on learning the basics. She retorted with “I went to school for the basics but it seems every time someone hires me to do their pics they want something different.” Then I asked if she was building a portfolio or taking paying clients and suggested she work on building a port for now and she said “I have my own studio.” and deleted the thread. She also said she doesn’t know how to post photos to her photography page so she made a separate personal FB profile with her new business name. She takes pictures of her crappy tube computer monitor running Windows XP with photos of her paying clients and uploads those to her page (profile). And wtf on the name Eyeing Moments… sounds creepy!




    MOLTEN LAVA!!! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=619621784752878&set=a.619614364753620.1073741834.100001151850678&type=3&theater



    I can’t quite decide which of those two fauxes is worst


    Opinions on a $3900 wedding package?



    Do you think it’s too expensive or too cheap?

    The link had to be edited to get to their page.  Here are the details for those interested:

    Package 2 – The Works! $3900

    10-18 Hours. Multiple Wedding events
    2 Hour Engagement or Bridal Session
    1 Photo booth
    Personal Consultation. (By appointment only).
    2 Professional Photographers on wedding day
    Full Printing Rights.
    Three 13×10″ premium hardcover album.
    Unlimited locations.
    Four 8×10 retouched and color corrected prints from print lab.
    High Quality retouching, non-batched Post Processing.
    High Resolution retouched photos on DVD (Printable up to 24″ x 36″).

    18 hours is 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m., that’s a long day.  3 premium albums, possibly all contain the same photos and layout, so it only has to be laid out and uploaded once, then you as for three copies to be printed.  It still costs $600 for the set.

    I think the price may be slightly low.


    $4k for a monster day isn’t that much though probably what that tog is worth. I couldn’t help to get annoyed with all the dead space above everyone’s head in her photos


    This woman is always doing $99 Groupon deals in my town. Her photos are blurry and terrible!



    CC, the link was direct to her homepage where I thought it would be just as easy to click on the Services and Portfolio links. I didn’t think it was too much given the length of the day, but like nesgran, I had some issues with her galleries and was just curious what others thought of her photos that would justify her prices.


    I tried the link again, now.  It worked fine!  When I used it the first time it gave “Page not found!” and there was a bunch of garbage mixed into the URL which I had to parse out before I could get to the page.  I thought the link was bad.

    Her subjects do spend a lot of time in the bull’s eye.  I think I don’t mind that so much because she has a lot of DOF in most shots.  That’s probably another strike against her in some people’s books.  I don’t have a problem with her backgrounds, generally, so I thought they were acceptable.  A couple had raccoon eyes, which may be a bigger sin.  I don’t think her stuff is awesome, but I think it’s all right.  I didn’t see anything that would earn a spot on the front page here.   By the time costs are subtracted from her fee, it is not a lot for a very long day and probably a week or two of editing and arranging.

    Her package includes a photo booth, which could be simple and cheap, or could be standard quality.  A photo booth can cost $1,000, by itself.  Here, there are many vendors that just do a photo booth.  The market offers a total mix.  One vendor offers still photography, plus video, plus a photo booth, but you can also choose a photographer that only does still photos, and another that only does videos, and a third that only does a photo booth — completely a la carte.



    Exactly, f8 isn’t a problem if the backgrounds aren’t problematic and she seems to be doing ok in that respect. It isn’t front page material but on the other hand it isn’t better than an enthusiast would manage and with the fee I doubt she makes much more than minimum wage.

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