Face Recycling

We thought of photoshopping her face somewhere silly to post alongside the originals, but then we realized that the originals are ridiculous enough all on their own…

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  1. The photographer must have worked at breakneck speed to photoshop these, because there are no necks to be found in any of them.

  2. Is her head on an elbow in the middle picture? 0_o

  3. Looks like someone has been buying up some digital background from the “new photo biz” guy.

  4. and i thought there was no such thing as bad head….:-s

    • There really wasn’t a need for anyone to comment after this. I genuflect in your direction.

  5. The lack of neck is annoying; how does one not notice that these are all the same face?? And how do you tie in Santa, a mermaid, and western wear? I’m so confused….

  6. she must not have any legs. That tub on the right is a shorty. But there are boots so maybe she is just a little person on second though.

  7. the first 2 are terrible, that last
    one is hilarious!!! that bath is so SMALL!!! where do her legs even go???

  8. In the last photoshop, she looks like she only has a torso with no arms or legs since the tub is so tiny. It is such a bad photoshop considering that her full body would no way fit in the tub. Those kind of photoshops drive my OCD nuts.

  9. The weird bathtub version gives me the creeps.

    • Her head is far too big for the body.

      Come to think of it…where IS the rest of the body in that bath-tub photo? The bath looks far too small to fit a full grown woman without her feet or knees at least being visible. Or has she just crammed herself into a tiny ball at the base of the tub? lol

  10. I am most bothered by the cowboy hat. It does not look real and is obviously out of scale. The idea is silly but maybe silly is what they were going for. I am equally bothered by the kerning in “I’ve been” – just looks wrong.

  11. Among the many things wrong with this, “been” and “a” are lowercase and everything else is not.

  12. That’s an awfully small bathtub in the attempted western photo!! LoL Everything is creepy!! haha

  13. This is….. I don’t even know, but the thing that disturbs me most is that the cowboy tub doesn’t look long enough.

  14. AbsyntheGreene

    Everything about the cowgirl picture annoys me: the way too short tub (where is the rest of her?), the flat colouring on the tub that makes it look like a comic book drawing, the scale issues with the hat and boots, which are so obviously photoshopped in, the screen – saver looking bubbles, the tub doesn’t seem to have an appropriate shadow…
    so much yuck in one little picture.

  15. what i want to know is how the heck did she fit in the second tub? It feels painful just looking at it!

  16. Come on, CLEARLY this is real you guys. CLEARLY.

  17. Artie Fufkin

    well they say disasters come in threes…..

  18. Good lord. I think the JibJab site must’ve been hacked. Outsized heads perched on teeny li’l bodies, then animated with flapping mouths (think Monty Python) and funny as s**t lyrics coming out. You can send them a face of yourself and they’ll put it on PSY from Gangman style and your new avatar will perform the dance for you.

    Anyway apart from that I can’t add anything new, just waiitng to see if she starts singing and stuff. Horrendous c&p but no doubt the client paid all of $20 for them xtry-speshul servisuss.

  19. Is it just me, or does the body in the second tub appear to be that of a fat, legless MAN?

  20. what’s even more sad, is that the fauxtog appears to have said “yeah, there’s no way we can do better than the face in this one shot, so I’m just gonna paste it onto several stock body photos (and one horribly composed multi-layer photoshop atrocity). And yet, the original head shot itself isn’t that great, either.

  21. Christie

    you know you’ve been on this site too long when you start to think…. you know, this one isn’t too bad…

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