Face Lick


This photo is such an awesome part of this wedding collage because nothing says, “I love you” like licking someone’s mouth.

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  1. Thomas

    I wish people would stop with the pushing of the cake in each other’s face. It is no longer novel. It was mildly amusing the first time it was done… back in the ’70’s

    • I totally agree with you! What a revolting thing to do, much less take an unfocused picture of.

      Nothing made me smirk near as much as at mine own wedding two years ago to have the cake cut, and hubby hold a nice sized bite full for me, and I for him. You could just tell people were getting the cameras ready, almost excited to see both of us end up with cake on our face. Did not happen.
      The anguish on some of the tacky guests’ faces was palpable.

  2. cameraclicker

    I never understood the cake in the face thing. Why would you push cake into the face of someone who should be your best friend!

  3. The “face lick” is the least of the problems with this shot but it sure isn’t helping it to be a masterpiece.
    That aside, oddly enough I’ve never had a “cake smush” reception. I did however have one where the couple were going to do so but told me they had decided against it. And what did the groom (the gentleman that he was) do? Yes, he smushed a cupcake into his bride’s face. Now that’s classy.

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  5. theCharlieScott

    I got a great stop-action cake smush photo once, but I find it annoying, insipid and stupid. I loathe it, and prefer they not do it.

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