Double Chin

That angle would make Twiggy look like she has a double chin. Also, come on, photos AND woodcrafts?

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  1. She has a double chin? I don’t get it.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m not seeing a double chin either.. not sure if this is really a “BAD” photo..

  3. I do think the weeds and dry brush in the background are kind of funny, though.

  4. Huney, if you think that is a double chin…you ain’t from the South!

  5. Anonymous

    The only bad thing about this photo is the composition, over editing and horrendous border…. I’ve seen worse.

    • Anonymous

      “Bad thing” is singular, your list is plural.

      • Anonymous

        grammar nazi.

      • β€œBad thing” is singular, your list is plural.

        And this is a comma splice. HA! Your comment should have been two sentences. (Isn’t this fun?)

  6. Anonymous

    most people aren’t a big fan of their profiles…nose bumps, only seeing one eye, and the under chin sag…double chin or not, this picture is just MEAN to the subject.

  7. I don’t see a double chin at all~ she’s holding her head up at an angle to avoid just that…

  8. Pro-enough

    Cheesy vignette, underexposed subject, one eye visible only, unflattering angle and blown highlights. Certainly is a bad photo imho.

  9. It says nowhere that she has a double chin. What it rather says is that the angle she’s photographed in is so unflattering that it could give an anorectic girl look like she has a double chin.

    • You Are Not a Photog

      Thank you, thank you, thank you.

      • “It says nowhere that she has a double chin. What it rather says is that the angle she’s photographed in is so unflattering that it could give an anorectic girl look like she has a double chin.” – My, my, aren’t we equivocating?! By asserting “That angle would make Twiggy look like she has a double chin”, you are saying that the angle of this photo is so bad that even a stick-thin girl would have a double chin…yet, this girl is clearly NOT stick thin, so by your the caption’s reasoning this girl SHOULD have a double chin….unless, of course, what you’re saying is that the angle is SO absurd that skinnny girls will surely have double chins, but girls of greater weight will somehow benefit from the absurdity of the angle by NOT ending up with a double chin. That’s downright goofy….since it’s pretty clear that this subject does not appear to have what any reasonable person could suggest is a :double chin, it also seems pretty clear that the caption is just lame, since it’s pretty much humorless hyperbole masquerading as withering witticism….a reach and a miss on this one.

      • No matter what you say, this is a horrible angle. Borders, ewwwwww.

        What is she looking at anyways??

  10. and this person is supposed to critique photo’s ? I see nothing wrong with this photo except the fact of the green thing around it

    • How about the bike handle poking up in the background on the left?!

    • So the poor composition, the terrible lighting, the bad photoshopped border and “glamour filter” effects, the bad pose, the blown out highlights in the background, etc, those aren’t things wrong with the photo?

      • BurninBiomass

        Patrick, not to mention the lens flare. Actually, I’m trying to figure out if those lights marks are lens flare, or just a bad dodging job.

    • Wsroadrunner

      I see nothing right wiht this fauxto. Except maybe that it’s here.

  11. Anonymous

    Her hair is pretty. That’s all I got.

  12. Mekenzie

    I really like her extensions. Great touch. NOT!

  13. Photo sucks, but maybe there are people out there that are good at photography AND woodcrafts, can’t hate on soemone for trying to do more than one thing they are good at. But clearly this person is not good at photography and should drop that part of their biz. There are tons of amazing photogs out there that do photography AND create actions or AND create album templates or AND do web design. Does that make them a feux? Certainly not. You are photographers AND bloggers gasp.

  14. Regardless of the chin and hair extensions, the lighting is bad and uneven, composition is less than flattering. One of the basic principals of portrait photography is “less is more”. A beautiful photograph of a single subject with head and shoulders is almost always more attractive with a shallow depth of field, an angle with which the subject is facing forward and the camera is angling down (so the subject can look up towards the camera with her eyes only, making the eyes appear larger and the nose smaller) an 85-105mm range (don;t forget an aperature of 2.8 to 5.6) and with the rule of thirds cropping technique is much more flattering for a young girl (or anyone for that matter). Absolute profiles rarely show a persons features in a light that portrays beauty, in fact it typically accentuates flaws. The only time I’ve seen an acceptable profile is in a “Rembrandt” lighting situation which is usually photographed in a studio with a black backdrop. Just sayin…. πŸ™‚

  15. ithurtswhenipee

    Its a shame. this girl is fairly attractive despite the hair extensions. Lets see, horrendous boarder (even though it is sort of color “inspired” be her shirt), the very unflattering pose, the mangy looking yard with a random bicycle in frame for a backdrop, the feeble attempt at adding fill light in post with what looks like a spraypaint brush using a sampled highlight color.

  16. terrible

    Wow… For all you negative photographer “pros” commenting on this site – How’s business going for you?? Must be in a bit of a rut if all you do is laugh and ridicule people on this site.

    Any photographer i know (pro of aspiring pro) would never involve themselves in such negativity. Okay, so the shots on this site are pretty bad. So what? Why is this an issue for you if your business? Are you jealous because they are getting the work? How about instead of sitting like a slug in disbelief and offering negative opinions, you go out and focus on your business and creating beautiful work. The people you list here are NOT your competition.

    If this is not a sad jealousy thing, then a why are you here? Are you helping them? – how are you helping? What are you achieving by bagging them out here? You honestly think your advice worthy? You put people’s photos up, the people in question don’t know about it, you offer a string of insults and call it “constructive critisism” all while you hide behind a blank username with no impact to your credibility or reference to your own skills.

    STEP UP PEOPLE, otherwise you cannot call yourself a professional. You think you will ever see Chase Jarvis, Jonas Peterson or Jasmine Star involved in this kind of thing? 2012 is the time to be better people.

    • And you don’t hide behind your username, right?
      Relax it’s just a little humor (or humour where I’m from)

    • Anonymous

      i’m guessing this must be your photo or your photo was featured on this site huh?

    • I’m not a professional photographer, but my sister is. I don’t usually leave comments on this site, since all I know from photography I learned in a couple of college photography classes. I look at this site because I appreciate seeing the pros point out hilarious flaws. I love grammar and writing, and finding mistakes in the newspaper is one of my favorite activities. It’s sort of the same idea, only more humorous. I check this website almost every day just for some laughs. I’m going to be critiquing my friends’ terrible “photography work” and smirking, so to speak, in my head, anyway, so I might as well do it with other people. It’s fun to express knowledge and say sarcastic things at the same time. If you don’t think so, then you don’t have to come to this site.

      • High Horsie

        “I look at this site because I appreciate seeing the pros point out hilarious flaws.”

        There are very few of those around here.

        Click on the user name for some of the “professional critics” around here – half of them should probably have their work featured on this very site.

      • Fair enough. But don’t forget that “professional” simply means someone who does something as their profession. I didn’t mean to imply that everyone who comments on this website is a talented genius.

        Again, it’s all in good fun!

    • Yes “terrible”(if that’s your real name) some comments are not very “nice”. It is true that some people here really do nothing more than try to make themself feel better by putting other’s work down or making smart ass comments about the subject.

      But there is more than that. Kim’s comment here is a perfect example of a good critique.

      Not all feedback will be “nice”. Sometimes bad photographers need to be told, flat-out, that they are bad.

      I had a photography teacher in college that was a Marine for twenty years before he started teaching. He told it like it was. He didn’t pull his punches, if it was bad he would tell you. In our first class critique I had a dozen pictures on the board. He didn’t put a single picture in his “good” pile. My feelings weren’t hurt. I appreciated the honesty…I LEARNED from his honesty. At our second to last critique he picked one of my pictures as the best. He said it would at least win an honorable mention in a contest. I tested his theory and entered it. He was right I was a finalist in Photographer’s Forum magazine best of college photography contest!

      If he would have been “nice”, maybe I wouldn’t have strived so hard to get better. If you can’t take a negative critique, photography may not be for you. Why would you WANT people to kiss your butt and tell you your work is good?

      In fact, I have a hard time accepting it when someone says one of my pictures is good unless they are a “professional”.Family members and friends are hard to trust.

      Am I alone? Does anyone else have a sense that people are just being “nice” when they compliment a picture?

      • terrible

        @John. I agree that there may be a minute few who actually can offer constructive advice here, my issue is not with them. I see a few comments above which are decent enough – problem here is that you have to literally scrawl through the trash-filled comments, which serve no purpose except to be insulting.

        Your story of your teacher is great, however the comparison is completely vast. Why?

        – He was a photography teacher, a marine. He no doubt was respected by you and your classmates and had a solid credibility behind him. Again, the people on this site are not teachers, they hidden from being judged on there own work, they have no credibility, no respect and yet still they can sling there foul opinions as if they are connoisseurs of the photography world.

        – He was honest, not insulting. If he was direct, then no doubt he backed up his opinion though analysis, aesthetics and objectives. The people here are not teachers, they do not critique. 95% of the people here are ignorant of any objective, insult the aesthetics and disgustingly degrade the subject being photographed. I’ve never believed in sugarcoating the truth – however there is a big difference between being disrespectful and being honest and constructive.

        – However harsh your teachers critiques were, he was giving you feedback to your face. Not attacking your work behind your back with millions of people joke along side. The person who took this photo doesn’t even know it is here. The site blots names out to feebly cover themselves from defamation as the users laugh at there expense. How will any of this (constructive or not) make the photographer better at what they are doing?

    • Wsroadrunner

      Now we know who’s shot this is… thanks for the laughs terrible

    • I’m a radio host. I make fun of people for a living. This photo is unbelievably horrible.

    • ” Okay, so the shots on this site are pretty bad. So what? Why is this an issue for you if your business? Are you jealous because they are getting the work?”

      Okay. To answer this particular question, I think you should understand that YES, THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM FOR PROFESSIONALS which does make it their business. Professional photographers spend thousands of dollars to go to school, get accredited, get a business license, and join multiple professional societies. When people come along who have no experience, no talent, no know-how, and no knowledge to back up their “professional” title, and people who don’t know any better hire them, it steals business from people who chose to put years of time and energy into building a business. I actually know some of the people whose photos have been featured on this site (not because I put them on here, but because I just recognize the photo), and I know for a FACT that none of them have ever even done an internship, nor have they gone through legal means to obtain a business license thereby making their business ILLEGAL.

      So whenever you ask is it anyone’s business … well, the answer is yes. Yes, it is a professional photographers business to know when people are illegally obtaining money.

      People on the streets sell drugs all the time meaning they’re obtaining money illegally. You don’t want that. That’s why we pay taxes. They’ll be arrested by the police that our tax dollars pay for. SAME CONCEPT HERE. These people are stealing business and obtaining money illegally. Why would it not be their business?

  17. I have NEVER one time posted to this site. It’s not my goal to put down others while making myself feel better about my own artistic abilities. I simply posted what I thought was constructive criticism. I can’t count how many times a photographer offered suggestions on how to improve a photo I’ve taken in the past. I’ve apprenticed for much more experienced photographers for years before I charged a cent to my clients and I honestly believe it helped me to improve my art (Hell I STILL critique my work constantly!). I NEVER charged a fee until I felt comfortable with the outcome of my photos. I think its fair to speak for others when I say there is a growing amount of frustration with an industry that has been flooded with sub-par work whilst lowering its standards as far as quality and professionalism. It’s one thing to own a digital camera, but its entirely another to call yourself professional, when your photographs are anything but…. In my experience, in order to achieve an artistic portrait that a client will want to portray in their home or office, there is a considerable investment in not only time but money… the thousands spent on quality lenses, props, a decent camera, accessories like flashes, BOGOS, reflectors, assistants, light meters, etc…, a website, photoshop or editing software, the photoshop actions, software & camera training, posting to blogs and websites, advertising, AND the business aspect of photography like accounting, tracking sales, tax returns, operating and costs and hiring assistants alone can be enough to cause even your most avid enthusiasts to shy away from proclaiming professionalism .. Let’s also not forget the hours editing the originals and watermarking so your work isn’t infringed upon. For any photographer it usually takes at LEAST 3 years of all of the above before they can start to seriously pursue a career in photography.

    Editing a photograph with spot color, framing the subject in the middle of the pic or shooting them from far away, OR adding a fetus to a pregnant woman’s belly doesn’t take creativity or skill. All I’m saying to aspiring photographers is the same thing that was shared with me. Review websites of photographers who’s work you respect and immensely enjoy, apprentice with a more experienced photographer for at least 6 month, ask a professional whom you respect to critique your work., and join your local Professional Photographers forum. Here in Sac we have PPSV (Professional Photographers of Sacramento Valley) —–

    Sorry to get too verbose but I get tired of responses defending the likes of work that has no business charging money or worse yet calling themselves professional. If the photographs weren’t so incredibly bad it would be much more funny.

  18. JonnyPhotog

    If you actually see nothing wrong with this pic except for a green border… you must be a FAUXTOG!

  19. Actually the admins did their homework on this one… Clearly a MWC that has no clue about composition, lighting or portrait photography.

    They could have picked anyone of 8 photos in this set and had it featured on this site.

    It’s so bad that even the subject didn’t “like” any of them and in fact commented that she thought “only the good ones would be shown” (she may have been referring to a specific pose – or not…)

    The sad thing is that her entire portfolio looks like this – bad lighting, bad effects, bad composition.

    She even has a post on her page saying “I want to open my own photography studio – what do you think? ” dated 12/28/11 – with NO COMMENTS…

    I’m sorry – but that should have been a clue to you Miss.

    • so what’s th link?

      • it me all of 3 minutes and 2 google searches to figure it out… go for it…i’m not posting the link.

      • Easy find via google search. And omg. the other ones are just as bad!

    • Incorrect, someone did answer her and said ‘Go for it. Your pics are great’. And the girl/model actually said that the photographer took great photos.

      I also see that the photographer does ‘Glamour sessions for little girls’ $40 and they do hair and makeup. Your little girl too could be made fuzzily out of focus with demon eyes. What a bargain!

      Seriously though, this lady really, really needs to sit down and actually learn how to take or even make photos. It’s a bit sad to see such an obvious lack of knowledge, coupled with people saying how great she is. They’re not doing her any favours in the end.

      It’s great she has a fun hobby, not so great she’s trying to take it to a professional level, without any professional knowledge.

  20. Miss Obnoxious

    Wow… this really isnt too bad. I mean yeah, it could be better, but this isn’t terrible. You guys must be running out of bad photos to post if you’re posting this… just my opinion.

    • Wow – Really? the fact that the backgound is more in focus than the subject, that the subject doesn’t look interested in the photo session or engaged, or that the lighting is uneven – those don’t bother you? Subject is dead center in the frame….

      Do I have to go on?

    • NO, it’s pretty terrible when you think this poor girl PAID for it.

      Good thing professionals in other fields of work actually have to have college degrees and doctorates to work in their field.

      It would be pretty sad to have a surgeon “testing” out new procedures on you, eh?

  21. On the plus side – there is nothing to indicate that the model actually PAID for these… might have been a time for…

  22. This is more just an insult to the subject. She simply has her head turned to the side..and there is really no double chin there.. Maybe the picture isn’t done that great, but this one was a stretch.

    • Sorry, but if I’m paying for work to be done I would at least expect the person to have some idea in what they’re doing….

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. All I’m saying is maybe people Should stick to criticizing the technical aspects of the photo instead of knocking the subject in it.

  23. I don’t get it. I know I have submitted about 5 photos that make this look like something from Ansel Adams. There is a lot worse stuff out there on the market than the last week or so worth of photos. What gives? You guys phoning it in, or what?

  24. If you people really think, ‘There’s nothing wrong with this picture but the border’, then your NOT a photographer, or at least shouldn’t be.

  25. Can you possibly do this without tearing apart the actual person in the photo? Thanks.

  26. Thank you to the one who shouted at to all of you about the way you completely degrade others. You tell me that you’ve never taken a horrible picture and I’ll call bull s**t. And these pictures are not that bad. In fact I find a lot of them beautiful. This girl is gorgeous- she has no double chin- and had it been my senior picture for high school I would have found it really pretty.

    No professional photographer would ever act the way all of you do. You are all just bitter jealous photographers who obviously have no business of your own. So to better your own self-esteem you come on here to point out the flaws in other’s photos. At least they have business. Obviously with all of the extra time on your hands that you all have- you’re lacking customers.

    I truely pity each and every one of you who feel the need to get on here and bash others. What a disgusting waste of your time. Who in the world would create a hate site? Welcome to maturity- GROW UP! Only thirteen-year-old girls hide behind a website to bash others. You tell me you have nothing better to do with your time? The creator of this website has overused google adwords and advertised to the point they have to make money. So obviously the goal of hurting others is to suffice for the fact their own photography business failed and they have to degrade others to make up for their losses. What a shame. I give kudos to each and every photographer featured here- and may this idiotic site bring them plenty of positive business!

    • You say posting on here is a waste of time? Yet here you are c:
      You mad bro?

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