Case of the Dizzies

Oh no, did Lucille 2 get another case of the dizzies? Damn that vertigo…

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  1. you know what you need to do??? blast MORE flash at the pregnant woman!! (she’s not pregnant?? Oh… then MOAR FLASHES!!!) i’m gonna go listen to some B52’s… poorly recorded, of course.

  2. I don’t understand what is going on.

    • HennyM

      is “Little Marcel” a label or possibly the unborn child inside her. Her tummy has an awkward shape , though… and what’s with the surprised look on her face? looks like someone’s holding her at gunpoint.

      • HennyM

        and why did i post this as a reply?!

        i’m confuzzled.

  3. I had trouble figuring out what’s going on with her body. Does she have segments? Is that a thorax I see? Certainly no human breasts are ment to look like that, are they? Queen bee metaphor perhaps? So many questions, so little time to run for your life…

  4. TollToll

    Does she have a nub? Where’s her leg??

  5. It’s just not the same without a watermark.

    • No, but in this case, the background sheet, make-up, clothing, attempt at pose gives some indication this is someone trying to take some kind of “pro” picture.

  6. Cherry7Up

    Two sets of boobs???

    • I realize the average obese, junk food devouring American hasn’t seen these in awhile, but those are ribs.

  7. Susan

    Lucille 2. Lmao!!!!

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