Brown Cake Bad Choice

brown cake

We really don’t care how much you like chocolate cake, stop using it in messy cake smash sessions with your toddlers! It’s nauseating!

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  1. There are cute “kids and cake” shots and then there are those like this one. Forget about the “cake” though, the lighting in this is a bit harsh for my liking. YMMV but it’s a bit too much of a snapshot that pretty much any parent could have taken themselves, and more likely than not wouldn’t have cut off appendages. That’s the other thing, I’m not a fan of leaving just a thumb and big toe. Crop your pics properly.

  2. And you wonder why they use white or yellow cake lol!

  3. At least the cake didn’t have red icing!

  4. Christ! That looks so gross

  5. this little freak likes to eat his dookie

  6. panoman

    It had to be framed like that so the photographer could get the studio logo in.

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