Cavewoman Boudoir

eekWoman seeking strong man with cave of his own.

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  1. It’s an atrocious photo, but I’m not sure referring to a black woman as a cavewoman is a great idea either.

    • I would think it’s because the proportions are greatly exaggerated giving her a “cave person” type body shape. The illusion of massive hair (why do people think that “effect” is cool for skin I don’t know) lends itself to this too.

    • Yea calling her a cavewoman, bad idea for sure. In this photo it looks like Photoshop threw up on this “HDR” lol

    • George I

      I know, …that could be Obama’s wife.

    • Most black people look like cavemen, there’s no issue.

  2. Awww, she looks so upset that her limbs are massively out of proportion and she can’t get a doc appointment to do something about the massive skin rash. Bravo faux, for doing so much to make this lady look like hell and for working so hard to save what should have been binned two seconds after you shot it. I’ve finally, after many years, become less surprised at the utter dog doo that some people put out there thinking that it’s simply amazing. Still, I can’t imagine just who would think this is anything but dog doo.

  3. What in the Sam fuck in the name of all creation is that?!? Does anyone look at this and think erotic? Wow, I’d tap that? This is beyond hideous. I’m afraid she’s very angry and will kill me.

  4. It looks like they’ve added a (cheap) HDR treatment to this photo, which is wrong wrong wrong! Yuk.

  5. Oh dear! I rarely comment but……

  6. The fart is strong in this one.

  7. The image, unfortunately, draws ones eyes to the pubic area. Normally, I like that area but not here.

  8. Her arms look extraordinarily long. The coloring of the photo….

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