Big Tie Bad Photo

bigtie badphoto

This photo is as bad as that tie is big for him.

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  1. He’s begging to be speech-bubbled.

  2. There’s so much wrong here, I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s go with “everything” for a start.

  3. So people really wear shit like that then?

  4. In defense of the tie, they’re probably planning on taking a photo of him with it on once a year so they can see him grow into it. It’s going to get a bit harder to hide what’s under it as he grows though, they may have to consider clothes at some point! 🙂

  5. They always do the watermark so well. Now if they just started to understand the reflective qualities of the color black and composition, hey we could be onto something here.

  6. My advice to ————-Photography is to leave off the watermark. With luck, someone else will snatch up this pic, either clone out the watermark or crop it out and post it as their own work. Then, with some more luck, someone will honestly tell the other person that this just plain sucks with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. That way, ————-Photography get’s paid (God, I hope they didn’t get paid for this) and someone else gets blamed for this horrid train wreck of a “photo”.

  7. Newborn shots are really deceptive. You think it’d be the easiest shots to get, but…they’re some of the most painful to get right. If I were starting out, I would begin elsewhere.

  8. 1. naked baby- check
    2. awkward position- check
    3. a stupid prop to cover the kid’s junk- check
    4. totall non-flattering blanket for a background which has a distracting pattern- check
    5. nuclear blast of light from on camera so the light is harsh and totally flat- check
    6. cute watermark to let everyone know that this disaster is yours- check.

    Oh wait, #6 should always be #1 right?

  9. See, everyone thinks newborns are the easiest to shoot because they don’t move. WRONG. They only don’t move if they’re ASLEEP. If you are trying to take pictures of a wide awake, squirmy, looks like he needs to take a crap, hungry baby, the results are going to look like he’s hungry, cranky and needs to take a crap. Take note. Most newborns are photographed by professionals asleep for a reason….

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