Belly Baby Face

Baby Bump Face

Belly Baby is shocked that the fauxtog thought this was a good idea.

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  1. I hate Fauxtography

    Omg! This is stinkin hilarious! I laughed so hard I snorted. My day was made YANAP

  2. Kristian

    Perhaps that’s just her tattoo.

    • Ahh, sadly I don’t think so. You can see how the flower covers her fingers…lol :/

  3. I just don’t get love-bump photos. I mean, you take a mother-to-be when she is in some peoples’ opinions at her most beautiful..all aglow with the magic of new life growing inside her body (Yeah..corny, but true)…but then rather than focus on her overall beauty, curves and all, the idea seems to be to get her shirt raised so you can see actual navel button and stretch marks. I–just–don’t–get–it!

    But then there’s the deal with superimposing the ultrasound image on the mother’s tummy. I freely admit I don’t care for seeing other folks’ ultrasounds. I know it’s still “the miracle of life”, but I catch myself thinking ‘It’s a probe up a woman’s hoohoo’ and the magic is pretty well ruined.

    Which brings me to this. Not only is there a picture on Mom’s bare tummy, but the picture is not even of the baby that’s on the way…unless ultrasound technology has advanced a LOT since I last checked.

    • Jannercide

      A probe up her ‘hoohoo’. Your ideas of an ultrasound are very bizarre.

    • I hate Fauxtography

      Ultrasounds happen vaginaly during early pregnancy . Nothing bizarre about it. They are done that way quite often. You both sound like idiots correcting someone on ta subject you clearly no nothing about yourselves

      • I hate Fauxtography

        Lmbo! Then I go and correct you and have typos!! Lmbo! Just keeping the idiot flow that tends to happen in the comments here on YANAP. Just doing my part lol

      • Yes, they are done vaginally during early pregnancy but for the later trimesters, done externally where a technician moves a wand over the stomach. This is how the photos of the baby in utero are taken, not vaginally.

        Just wanted to clarify this. I thought it was a strange argument to have when the information is easily found online. Vaginal ultrasounds are not common, and only used when there is a need to, such as detecting a problem early on or if they are requested by the patient or doctor. The traditional ultrasounds are more common, which are used in the later pregnancy or the 2nd or 3rd trimester to get an image of the fetus, check for baby’s sex, etc.

      • I figured it was done both ways. I had one vaginally..but they were looking for problems related to a “false pregnancy” I had experienced.

      • browneyedgirl89

        I had one for a cyst once. They’re not only for pregnancy.
        All I know is they cost a ton to have it done.

  4. It sounds like you have no idea how ultrasounds are done. Now I agree that looking at other womens ultrsound pictures has always creeped me out. The only ones I want to see are mine, because that’s my baby inside my body. And yes, the ultrasound superimposed on belly trend has got to go. But still, you can rest assured, there are no probes going up anywhere during the ultrasound procedure…

  5. Wow, with how poorly this photo is edited, and this develops into a discussion on how ultrasounds are done? Did anyone else get past the baby issue and notice what the faux did to the mother’s face?

  6. Not to get meta here, but I have to wonder…whose baby image is that on the belly? The one that it should be hasn’t been born….????

    • Well since the baby in the photo is not the baby inside the mother, then maybe both mother and baby are on witness protection program and they had to smooth her face beyond recognition. And I hadn’t noticed before how her eyes are actually caught up in the vignette after the ‘tog went to all that hassle to brighten them up in PS.

  7. LOL!! this is the stupidest idea ever – exactly who’s baby is that any way?!

  8. Personally I like the rabid koala bear in the upper left that is trying to eat her face, but I am weird like that.

    This photo could have been edited AFTER the baby was born so it might indeed be her baby.

  9. I’m so glad that they didn’t remove the plumbing fixture sticking up out of the cement behind her. I think it adds a nice touch.

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