Basket Boy And His Dog

basket boy

How very realistic looking…

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  1. Wow. Those giant flowers. That luminous green. That lighting. And what are those weird grey lines on either side?

    • I think the poor little boo was wrapped in celo and that’s the leftovers (grey lines). Pretty evident as he has turned blue. They should have waited till he got some oxygen but obviously were in a rush to snap the pic.

  2. I found her facebook, it’s part of a wrinkled green screen.

    • how did you find her facebook? Seems like it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack

      • Nah, they didn’t blur out the name really good on this one. I just zoomed in the screen enough so i could read it.

  3. It’s another one of those million dollar ideas executed on a $1 budget!! See we all have these superb ideas when we start, difference is long years of experience teaches us that most of them are just plain stupid. We might salvage a nugget of inspiration from such ideas but not the faux-tog! Oh no, nothing stops them making their insane dreams a reality and Photoshop’s “cut’n’paste’n’transform” hand holds them all the way!

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