A Little Something Extra

a little something extra

What’s that between her legs? A tail perhaps? Or is she actually a he??

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  1. whatever you are doing, you’re doing it wrong.

  2. Is it weird that I clicked on this link because it said what’s between her legs? LOL

  3. She has that “This is not going to end well” look on her face.
    When your photographer has you enter a dingy room covered in grime with a musty old chair for your posing delight, followed by the proposal to cover yourself in body paint/a body suit; I think it is a good enough reason NOT to continue. Get the heck outta there, and fast!

  4. It’s a shame because the body paint design is pretty cool, but the way it has been photographed is a complete disaster. Unflattering angles, weirdly arranged furniture, and a floor covered in what looks like blood spatter from one of the photographer’s earlier victims. Someone call Dexter!

  5. I really thought she was missing feet at first.

  6. Commenter

    I fail to see what it is you think is extra between her legs. She is totally nude and the lighter area is just her butt, which has less makeup on – probably due to it being rubbed off by moving around.

    Like Nightrose said though – The bodypaint is great. It is a shame that the photographer sucks at posing the model.

    • I agree but we need to see the whole shoot.. the photographer could have just been trying something different

  7. it’s her own butt, photographers. less theory and more human body.

  8. that captioning is transphobic as heck

  9. I like the body paint, but the way its….wow just wrong. I would have put the model with a complete black background and not posed the model on furniture,,,

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