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Are those blurry shot glasses around her neck? Because that would be appropriate.

  1. jackd says:

    no watermark? Check.
    no screenshot of the image in a facebook gallery/on a photography website? check
    no evidence of “artistic” post production? check
    no evidence of some attempt to use any kind of studio/pro equipment? check
    no evidence that the girl is trying to act like/look like a model via a posing style or wardrobe style? check
    no evidence that this is actually coming from a fauxtogropher? check.


  2. BurninBiomass says:

    At least the hand positioning saved the image from a full crotch shot.


  3. sean says:

    I think she needs to move, as there is a car heading her way…


  4. hairypitssuck says:

    grasping @ straws here I dont think its a legit faux photo.


  5. Mort says:

    This website is by stupid people, for stupid people.


    • Elle says:

      Poor ‘Mort’ is this your crappy work? Take 5 minutes on Facebook and you will see hundreds of horrible ‘pro’ fauxtogs that are charging people for worse pics than a 5 year old could take. Obviously you don’t feel that a service that charges people as much as $300 (sometimes even more) an hour should be accountable for their end product.
      BTW… guess you are just as ‘stupid’ as the people you are insulting…you were here long enough to post twice just on this image alone.


  6. meggy says:

    It’s just a snap – why post it on here?


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