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Playing In The Waves

…. At least she appears to be enjoying herself? However we’re pretty sure the Fauxtog could not have taken a more unflattering photo!

  1. Diana says:

    not cute


  2. Deb says:

    oh dear lord


  3. Mark says:

    At first glance it appeared that her boobs fell out of the bottom of her tshirt…


  4. Jo says:

    I want to cry for that poor girl!!


  5. monolith says:

    I heard that Ariel got out of rehab. Jesus, what a rough road. Those anti-depressants can completely change a body’s composition.


    • Angela says:

      You’re a dick and so are the five people who liked your comment.


      • Twiggy says:

        You’re an uptight cunt. If the girl was hot this photo wouldn’t be on here, it’s because she’s huge and the pose is so unflattering that this is here. Get over yourself.


      • AbsyntheGreene says:

        Twiggy – get over yourself, just because your massive insecurities lead you to need to sling childish insults in order to stroke your pathetic little ego doesn’t mean the rest of us want to read them. When you’ve finished puberty and are ready to act like an adult, try again.


      • Twiggy says:

        Calling an uptight cunt, an uptight cunt is because of my insecurities? Maybe we need to start a new page “You are not a”


  6. Virginia says:

    Why would anyone let the photo of themselves continue to exist?


  7. Gracie says:

    at least it is exposed correctly….not much else to be optimistic about……sorry…I tried…..


  8. Sam says:

    It’s not a bad picture. just not terribly flattering.


    • Canaduck says:

      Uh, wouldn’t a good picture be flattering?

      The photographer could have done a lot to ensure that the model didn’t look weird, but s/he didn’t. Now it’s an unflattering, bad picture.


  9. irene k says:

    If I were this chick I would be PISSED that my photog posted this in public!


  10. Alexx says:

    Ya.. I would not be happy if that was a picture of me. She looks like she’s having fun, which is awesome, but the picture isn’t the most flattering thing in the world. I’d say that’s one to keep on your cell phone or something of you having a good time, but not publish…


  11. Andrew says:

    I am SO sorry to say this but all those comments on less-tasteful websites about “manning the harpoons” sprung straight into mind. Did the subject, who required a certain amount of care andcompassion in her photograph, really wantb to be depicted as a sea-creature, flailing about so indecorously? The photograpger’s intentions are highly suspect.


  12. James says:

    If she’d waded out a little further it would have looked OK.


  13. T says:

    There are other ways to splash water around and not look high doing it. But It all goes back to being the photographer’s fault for not capturing it different way or even thinking about it a little in the first place.


  14. Hanimex Omelette says:

    Playing in the waves is one thing, but getting a surprise “goose” from Shamu is quite another!


  15. RJoe says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with it besides color cast. If the subject’s not concerned with people’s comments, and just wants some shots of her having a good time at the beach – mission accomplished.


  16. Nick says:

    A happy snap nothing more, probably not something I would watermark.


  17. Ho Drakon says:

    OMG she’s not happy, she’s beached! Somebody help her!


  18. Gerbles says:

    I am really confused by her right arm. It looks like her arm pit is like 6 inches down her arm… am I missing something, or does it looks extremely odd to anyone else?


  19. Derphotographer says:

    Somebody call greenpeace


  20. Kim says:

    To me it looks like she’s about to take a piss in the water. Regardless if the exposure’s OK (but not great), when you pose someone in this way, looking down with shadows under the eyes, squatting to shorten and compress the body, shooting straight on… it’s going to look bad, off balance and unflattering no matter what you look like.


  21. kbee says:

    The overall look of the photo isn’t entirely awful (the exposure, white balance yadda yadda). There is way worse. Yet, it has to be said: she reminds me of hovercat. Just kinda hovering over the water, head down, like it was taken in a series of action shots. Before or after could have been better than just some isolated girl floating over the top of the water. It’s not flattering, for anybody of any shape or size.

    Fun shot, maybe, but not one I’d put in my portfolio.


  22. Yani Dueri says:

    Oh, i’ve just GOT to love the Vignetting here…..


  23. Kgirl says:

    Would be a good pj image if it wasn’t so edited…


  24. Mrlegrev says:

    I live in the same town as this photographer and have seen this photo on my newsfeed before. The photographer is actually a very good photographer, I think the client just wanted a weird request… Definitely not fauxtography, just an unfortunate shot…


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