Trash River


Nothing ruins a nice snowy river shot like some floating trash. Is that a Doritos’s bag?

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  1. oh my. Tell me this isn’t on a “professional” website? ridiculous.

  2. I wouldn’t knock this one just yet. Perhaps it’s a statement on how mankind is polluting pristine nature and the serenity of a winter scene emphasizes that?

  3. This is like a flash back to my photography when I was just starting! Both hilarious and cringe worthy… Talk about needing to see the “bigger picture”. Ohh I kill myself.

  4. I’m going to assume they are classifying this as “Fine Art Photography”.

  5. aswicks

    The bare patch of ground on the top left doesn’t do much for the photo either. A little judicious cropping would help (though the garbage removes it from Fine Art into Man Made Modified Landscapes). Maybe they should learn how to do Content Aware Fill.

  6. It’s a ditch, a small, straight man-made spillway … perhaps there’s another collection mud puddles, too

  7. I love how so many comment leavers try to defend this shoddy crap like there is a deeper meaning…

  8. Oh, Sarah, art thou the supreme goddess of photography? Should I bow before thee and proclaim your artistry to all in the universe? NOT!!! Pompous b….!!

  9. I think its a Guitar Hero box…. maybe it’s a promo for an air band?

  10. No one notices the camera’s auto image label to the left? Talk about uploading straight from you’re point and shot camera to the web, photography at it’s rawest!

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