The Family That Blurs Together…

Hi, yes, we’d like our family photo taken, but we want to be blurred out so that we look bad. Just focus on the cute kid, please. I’m sure that conversation never happened and the fauxtog thought this was “creative.”

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  1. Maybe they are all in the witness protection program?

  2. This shows that selective focus can be just as misused as selective color.

  3. Someone needs to learn the rule of 3’s…and all kinds of other stuff.

    • …and placement, and proper lighting, and proper shooting, and proper editing.

  4. Wsroadrunner

    Well, the babys sleeve is kinda in focus… somewhat… if you get real far back and squint with your left eye…. and have glaucoma

  5. well thats one way to edit skintones……

  6. Derpface

    Also check the facial distortion on the edges

  7. Love the floating arm on the right side of the picture. Looks like someone just reached into the frame and grabbed the woman’s shoulder.

  8. What, F1.8 for a group shot? Yeesh. Someone needs to switch back to full auto mode.

  9. Gourmetguy

    The baby should be blurred out also (not a cute kid)

  10. grateful mom

    Let’s see:

    Baby’s gonna barf, so score 1 for bad timing.
    The womyn on the right is awfully cheerful for someone who is about to become Zombie Chow. Score one for inappropriate affect.
    Or does that arm belong to the womyn to the right? Score one for making my brain hurt.
    And they’ve all been at the Botox again. I don’t know how to score that sort of pharmaceutical abuse.

  11. Proof to the teenage daughters that the baby is more important than they are and loved more.

  12. Not only f1.8 but with a 17mm lens so that the people are distorted badly at the edges.

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