Real Classy


What a classy photo!

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  1. Not every shot has to be technically perfect to be a great shot. “Capturing the moment” can take priority over colour, contrast, lighting, sometimes even focus and so on. HOWEVER, you probably shouldn’t exclude all those things hoping that 1-peeping up a dress or 2- squatting on your significant other’s head or 3- both of the above, will make up for that. Just when you think the bar can’t go any lower, some schmuck of a faux has to dig a hole and drop it down.

  2. Errrrm. The background is quite nice, although the tree on the left is a bit distracting. Otherwise? I wouldn’t even keep it, let alone publish it.

  3. ToxicKitteh

    PLEASE PLEASE tell me that is NOT her father….. PLEASE…..


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