Junk In The Trunk

Check out the junk in that trunk!

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  1. Here’s a subject with pretty eyes and a nice smile. Yet, we’re presented with this really uncomfortable pose. My attention is drawn to the awkward left arm and wrist. And those feet! Only a fauxtographer could make her feet look bad.

    • Not to mention the outfit is awful (unless the fauxtog wanted her to look like Minnie Mouse). A pretty, flowing summer dress would have looked lovely in this setting.

  2. Grackle

    Why in the world would you ask somebody to pose in such a weird, awkward position?

    • While I agree that this shot should have been avoided, I would not assume that the photographer asked her to pose like this. This could very well have been her own idea.

  3. O.O What the hell was the photographer thinking?!

  4. I’m having trouble finding a watermark on this one…not a great pic, but I don’t know if the photographer is pretending to be pro.

    • While there is no watermark, the suitcase in a forest at least gives some indication that this was set up as a “shoot”. It would be nice to have some evidence that someone was actually trying to pass this off as a “professional” photograph. It’s borderline at best. When in doubt, use this handy list:

      no watermark? Check.
      no screenshot of the image in a facebook gallery/on a photography website? check
      no evidence of “artistic” post production? check
      no evidence of some attempt to use any kind of studio/pro equipment? check
      no evidence that the girl is trying to act like/look like a model via a posing style or wardrobe style? Maybe – but it could be an outtake.
      no evidence that this is actually coming from a fauxtogropher? iffy

      • The extremely deep DOF suggests that this shot could have been easily taken with a point-and-shoot. Looks like a likely “snapshot”. They could very well have been out in the woods doing something with a full trunk, and taken this shot for fun after the contents of the trunk had been emptied.

      • Plus the other bag hanging out of the trunk also suggests that this shot was not planned.

      • That’s not a bag hanging out, that’s her bra. I’m thinking they were going for a pin up type scene & failed miserably

    • I pretend to be a pro and I don’t watermark.

  5. dorkeemn

    I’m just as offended by the title of this one as I am the image – which is to say pretty damn offended.
    Why anyone would post such an awkward pose is beyond imagination.

  6. All I can say is WHY?????? OMG!

  7. I don’t know what the fuss is all about? You lot obviously never brought a case from Samsung which comes with a 35 year old warranty with every model!

  8. MoaningMita

    Did she get her Arse stuck in that thing?

  9. Izzyspeaks

    junk in that trunk? She is in the trunk as it were. Take as much time as you need.

  10. What’s with her feet? They are like MASSIVE feet.. they looked like they were photoshopped on!

  11. Tinydancer1986

    Is she supposed to be dressed as a lady bug?!? This is beyond ridiculous. What’s with the scissor legs? I personally don’t think infants should be in trunks in the woods or bowls or baskets but it looks like an infant shoot done with a grown person. Makes 0 sense either way. Yikes!

  12. The lady was obviously practising her yoga when the fauxtog rudely interrupted her.

  13. FroggieG


  14. Fuck u

    You fucking people are so irritating, only fauxtogs make fun of people learning, exploring, or just messing around – this person is having fun.. Deal with it

    • You can learn and mess around, the problem is when you take what may be a learning photo and try and pass it off as part of a portfolio. Now in this case we don’t have any evidence that it was in a portfolio (surprise surprise), but it still must have been posted publicly.

  15. those cant be her legs….look where the knee is and the feet are huge…..its weird….the whole hting is weird..i agree someone was just jerking around and some people need to let go and not be so serious..but honestly…those legs are someone elses PS on…like i dont think your leg bends like that!!

  16. Guess the lighting
    Is there one soft box above the model?

  17. ChubbyChaser

    Absolutely gorgeous, and look at those FEET! *fap fap*

  18. Ronald

    I am A TALL SKINNY GUY. I am VERY TALL. And I am VERY SKINNY!!! I know for sure I wouldn’t stand a chance against her in a wrestling match or in a weightlifting contest. It doesn’t matter that I am WAY TALLER than she is because I can tell just by looking at her that SHE FAR OUTWEIGHS ME and SHE IS A WHOLE LOT STRONGER THAN I AM!!! And I am not ashamed or embarrassed to admit it!

    • Ronald

      In fact, as skinny as I am, even though I am very tall (I stand over six feet), I am certain that she is easily strong enough to lift me over her head. I was lifted overhead easily by a very short, very large lady who far outweighed me while I towered way over her (she gently set me back down in a standing position!!!). That’s how I know she can lift me over her head.

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