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    would it be seen as the wrong thing to do by posting someone eles work in hear for you all to see if the so called photographer has already been seen on this sites main page ?


    well i think you should be the better person by telling that photographer that their stuff has been featured in the site. it’s not even funny anymore to just poke fun at someone who 1) thinks that there stuff is “pretty-good” 2) thinks that their stuff isn’t garbage (TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS!).. it’s just sad. do the photography community a service by leading that person in the right direction because he represents photographers no matter what the person does.


    so do the right thing! ya meanie ūüėČ

    …no one is going to give you a high-five because some other guys sucks LOL ūüôā


    this is the thing iv already told this girl how i feel and iv helped her out with some constructive criticism but she was not having any of it so no i don’t feel im being mean at all iv tried to help her, along with some of my other photography friends but she ended up telling us all to fuckoff lol .. she was very lucky to be given some advice from 5 diffrent photographers but didn’t want to listen to any of us, it was her who was being nasty not me. i wouldn’t tell her about her photo on this site has she has blocked me from her page lol and what makes this even worse she is now offering her camera out to anyone who wants to use it for the day, she says anyone can be a photographer with her help ¬†… i understand you saying this and this is why i asked for opinions before posting anything .. i could just show you the photo she has on¬†this site¬†then thats not to bad is it ? it’s already out there for us to see and you have probably seen it anyway .. and im defo not asking for a high-five lol im just so fed up with her along with many other photographers¬†.


    kc, thing is

    There is no helping people who don’t want help. ¬†I know the type, I think we all do. ¬†One time on a different outing type site, I had a tog investigated for fraud and copy right infringement. ¬†She was clearly using another togs photos as her own, and it was proven, and outted in a public forum. ¬†She was defensive and nasty, and insisted she wasn’t breaking any laws. ¬†That the pictures were used for posing ideas for clients only and she had purchased copy rights for all of them for that purpose, and she would NOT take them down. ¬†You would not believe the amount of “photographers” (and I use the term loosely) that came to her defense “She’s new at this, and didn’t know what she was doing was wrong, or against the law”. ¬†I got called names, and emailed nasty emails. ¬†I was told I was mean, and spiteful for having her investigated, and talking about it publicly. ¬†(The site got reported by all of them, and it was taken down because of all the complaints). ¬†She eventually jumped their bandwagon and said “Yeah, if you had just contacted me privately, I would have gladly taken the images down”. ¬†REALLY!? ¬†But you wouldn’t when over a dozen photographers in a public forum asked and pleaded for you to? ¬†It’s frustrating, and infuriating. ¬†Here we are working are pants off, and giving it our all, and there they are just being so flippant about something that is so important to us. ¬†But, it’s not important to them, like it is for us. ¬†There’s no changing that. ¬†They are not photographers, and eventually they will tire of pretending they are, they always do. ¬†Fact is, you tried. ¬†Keep reaching out to people, and even if you only “help” or “get through” to one person, you’ve made a difference. ¬†Don’t give up, just let this one go. ¬†No sense beating a dead horse. ¬†Try not to take what she is doing personally. ¬†She has no idea that she is hurting you or what you care so deeply about, and will never see that she is, but she will eventually grow tired. ¬†That you can count on


    No good will come from posting someone else’s stuff. It’s not your job to help someone who doesn’t want it.



    i hate fauxtography

    your defo right there, she don’t want any help at all, i even told her i would meet up with her to give her some pointers in the right direction but that didn’t go down to well either so yes im beating a dead horse and it’s pointless to do so..i only see her stuff because other photographer know iv said something to her so they send me messages and links to her stuff but iv told them im not wasting my time on her anymore there’s just no point at all but i must admit it’s so hard not to say anything .. i could cry when i see her work lol.. i won’t be a bitch and post her work i will try my best to stay calm when i see her work lol. thanks for the advice… your defo right we all know someone like this. sorry to hear what has happend to you, it’s so annoying that people can seriously think they can get away with this.. iv had a look at your work on redbubble and i must say your stuff is stunning iv bookmarked your page so i can keep going back to look at your eye candy lol :0)



    i was shitting bricks waiting for your response lol.. your right i will not be adding the photos xx


    Thank you so much KC. ¬†I’m thrilled that you like my images AND that you took the time to look


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