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    Photo Retouching  is all about enhance  the quality of a  image to a higher level.Photo retouching can surely bring out the best in your pictures.Photo retouching is a technique   that involves various other jobs enhancement such as editing, colour correction, photo restoration , portrait retouching, eyes retouching, photo illustration, photo restoration and touch up, magazine photo retouching, photo cartooning, background extractions, damaged photos restoration, wedding photography retouching, panoramic photography, photo paintings, other special effects and so much more.

    portrait retouching company offers a fast and reliable online service, enabling you to upload and receive your retouched images.
    We offer best and quality editing  and retouching services at an affordable price .


    Yeah yeah and I’m an amazing photographer and possible the cheapest in town,  this is not craigs list, go peddle your shit some where else!


    You might want to re-do the advanced retouch of the couple.  “After” still has problems!

    Think about making your samples a larger size.  I had to swipe the first one several times to see what you were trying to show.

    Your ISO certification suggests you care more about bureaucracy than either your art or mine, so I won’t be using your services.


    Other forums I admin I usually send out an invoice after unsolicited advertising


    Lmao!  Ballsy to say the least.  But, I hope lots of people see this, because it’s funny as hell.  lol I think my day may have just been made


    I have to agree with CC, the images are way to small to really see to much of a difference. Also try using older people to really showcase your talents of retouching instead of pimple faced teens. The one older couple was so far away, you could have added a 3rd eye and it would have gone unnoticed.

    BTW – do you really want to advertise on this forum? You know you may me slowly opening the can of whoop-ass if you do.
    Advertising is good to a point but you have to know your target audience to make it effective. Try again.


    Why do people treat freckles as imperfections? I don’t get that…


    Thank you for your quick response , I just offer photo retouching  services. I am not a spamming here.


    This site has paid advertisers that help keep the site running, you are just a parasite. Putting an advert for your “services” where it was not wanted, ie: on my monitor, is FAR WORSE than spamming! Although at least here we get to tell you that your idea of advertising has backfired, and all you have done is pissed off potential customers.


    Exactly worst case!

    OP, here’s what you do. Get a Facebook page if you haven’t already, and then go have a look at the thread called “fauxtogs who should end up on the front page”, and do some clicking. “Network” with them, they might all fall for your garbage. For one, grammar, spelling, and punctuation don’t seem to matter at all to them. Second, you might actually be able to improve their end result. Just saying, not a bad idea. Of course, I don’t think a one of them is profitable enough to actually hire your company, but I bet if you were to add some actions to your line up, they’d come to your site in droves.  Photoshop actions is a language they all speak, oh and presets.  Good luck!



    Most of us here who know a thing or two about photography are more than capable of doing our own retouching.

    Your odd spelling/grammar isn’t professional.

    You can’t take a crappy image and edit it to make it good.

    I can understand there is such a thing as heavy retouching, but why use that crappy snapshot of the people in their living room with gaudy carpet as your example? There’s nothing professional about that image.

    The acne removal is actually quite simple in most cases, even heavy acne. But your white balance interpretation skills are no good. Everything looks yellow!

    There are busy photographers that outsource their editing, but they would expect a full, clean, professional edit of each set they oursource.


    I’m not too surprised at the spelling & grammar.  They are operating out of an industrial strip mall on the outskirts of Cleveland, OH, with production done in India, and for some reason they also operate out of a house in Japan.


    They won’t be reading any of this. It’s just spam.


    I have a realistic question for you all. How many actually use a retouching service for their work? I know there are some that swear by it and some that would rather cut off an arm than to let someone else touch their work.

    I always wondered, how the retoucher interprets how the final image should be from what was shot, or is this communicated by the photographer? Is there any artistic freedom from their end? I have no clue, since I have never used a service.
    I actually won a voucher for retouching service for $250 or $500, not sure for what amount, when I attended a seminar over the summer. It sits here still, on my desk, unused.


    I occasionally do when my schedule won’t permit. It doesn’t happen so often. I’ve worked with and for retouching companies. They work very closely with the photographer and/or client. Back when I retouched, I worked mostly with the photographers. On rare occasions (celebrity work), I worked with the talent. So there is very little to interpret. I think the main objective is to work with someone who understands your look and you can trust to run with projects while you are off doing other things.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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