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    I have no idea if anyone will read this, or gives a care, but I felt the need to write it just the same.  Now that my cross country move is finally over, and things have begun settling down in my life, I’m taking Zack Arias’ lead, and saying “see ya later” to YANAP so I can get back to my photography.

    We Need To Be About Our Work

    You may have no idea what snake oil salesman he is referring to like I do, or what got him riled up to begin with, and that’s ok (better than ok.  thank God you dont) the message is the same, and there are plenty of snake oil salesmen/women out there to chose from, that are feeding off the newbees.  Just yesterday there was one saying shoot in AV, spray and pray, use his actions/presets/textures, use his software, or better yet outsource your editing and use his editing service….sigh… It was a photography work shop, yet photography wasn’t taught.  The only thing I agreed with was how strongly he pushed selling of prints and products.  YES!!!  Thank you!!  But this is only because he also owns a finishing/printing company as well.  The dude isn’t a photographer like he claims to be.  He sells to new photographers, that’s his business.  He doesn’t Know squat about the craft, yet has thousands of aspiring new photographers snowed into thinking he does, all listening to his bad advice.  As much as these salesmen/women hate it… The foundations of photography will never change, and their short cuts will only be sold for a limited time as people start to catch on.  I just wish they weren’t taking so many togs with real potential down with them.  “Down with them” lmbo!  they’re making a killing! There is no short cut!  It isn’t easy!  Jumping into business is NOT a good way to learn!

    As passionate as I am about this subject and as much as I want to reach new togs like me and wake them up… I need  to get back to learning, shooting like a mad woman, and trying new things, without distractions, without influences, and without drama.
    I hear you all clapping out there lol.

    I want to thank every single poster that has been involved.  The togs that come here questioning what they are doing, and bravely put their stuff out there, the people who disagree with what I have to say (opinions rock!), all the talent out there but, mostly I’d like to thank all the hard ass , grumpy “old schoolers” that have offered so much help, knowledge, information, and inspiration to all us new togs.  It’s priceless, more than appreciated, needed and wanted, and I cannot thank you enough.  Yes, I’ve been posting, griping, trying to get through, and make my opinions stick, but I’ve also been listening.  I have so many ideas, so many new things to try, so much to improve on, and shoot for, just because you all took the time to respond and participate on this forum.  What started out as a way to pass time, turned into much much more because of you.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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