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    Well, if it means anything I’d let you take pictures of my family.  Very good portfolio.  While I do like most of your pictures many of them tend to be flat.  If thats your style, cool, like I said, I do like your pictures.


    Click it & stick it,

    Thank you for taking the time! Any tips on combating a flat image? Is that something that is in the lighting or something in my editing style? Can you tell me an image specifically that is the worst when it comes to being flat so i can visually compare. I only shoot in the last hour or so of day light & I never use a flash. I like to think my images are bright & colorful. This is my first time stepping out into a group who will speak the truth so any tips you can offer would be appreciated!




    It could be the lighting or your editing style.  Its hard to tell for sure.  The first B&W pic looks flat, meaning there is a lack of shadows which gives a picture depth.  The very next B&W, last pic, compare that to the very next cross processed pic and you see that the chin has disappeared along with all details of his face.  Again, that could be lighting or the editing.  As I go back through your portfolio I don’t see as many as I thought, but using flash is a great technique to balance a photo when shooting during the golden hour.  Ohh, the pic of the girl holding her hoodie, I absolutely love that picture, just would have liked to have gotten her left elbow completely in the pic.  Thats just being nit picky though.


    I enjoyed your photos

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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