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    Hey all! just joined this community, Looking for some CC on my images, Thanks!!



    Over all, I like it. The first thing that jumps out at me is that her middle and ring fingers appear to merge together.

    Seems to have a little too much skin smoothing in that area. The detail in the scarf and hair is nice, eyes are sharp. It’s just that hand!

    Also, it may be my monitor’s color calibration, but did you intend for the edges of the photo to be that opaque and blue? It was second to draw my eye.


    Apart from the fingers that look strange I believe that this is a very nice shot. Nice tone, composition and most important the highlights in the eyes that give life to the portrait. Obviously you are a skillful photographer and that shows also from your online portfolio. You’ve got some real gems there and I could not find a photo below pro standards.

    As a matter of fact it would be good for some in this forum to view your lighting diagrams for educational purposes.

    Hope this helps.


    Just going by this one image, not bad, but there are some re-touches that need to be done.
    Emilee already pointed out the obvious finger motion blur, it is distracting, but can I make some other suggestions later.

    All I see is 1 image. Not bad but we’ll get to that. 1 image is not enough to make a very good judgement or offer any kind of valid constructive criticism for. Not trying to break you down or make any bad comments but we need more. A small selective series of your best work. It doesn’t have to be your entire portfolio, but enough images to get a feel of how your style and technique pan out on the images that you take.
    I would suggest to collect a small series of your best images that convey your sense of style or what you feel expresses you as a photographer. Most of us here that chime in are probably portrait photographers, but I know from past posts that several are experts in other realms of photography.

    Okay, for the image at hand, at first glance it is a fine portrait, not bad at all. If I were to scrutinize the image, here is what I would suggest in my opinion.
    1st – remove the watermark or relocate it. All I can see on this beautiful model is a Hitler mustache that is your watermark. It’s fine to add the watermark, but not at the sake of the image.

    2nd – It looks like you used a soft-box on top and a bounce card or white reflector at the bottom. While this gave you good lighting on the models face, to me it created distracting catchlights in her eyes, just my opinion. I like seeing catchlights in the eyes but sometimes they don’t make sense, but it depends on the style and the model.
    I would have probably used a ring-flash for this and positioned the catchlight exactly over her pupil for maximum effect, but that is just my take.

    3rd – not knowing what your model and knowing her complexion short of the image at hand, I see something under her right eye, not sure if this is a mole or beauty-mark or what, could be the pixelation of the image.
    Also just above the tip of her nose, I would have repositioned the light or touched up the edge a bit.
    The skin looks a little too smooth, but again, not knowing your models actual “live” complexion, I am just pointing this out.

    Okay, I was maybe nit-picking just a bit, but this was the only image that I could see, hope this helps. I would like to see more, but in a better, higher resolution version, not a facebook version. Facebook does some strange things to images, so some of what I and maybe others point out maybe be due to the “Facebook effect”

    Keep shooting and welcome.

    Worst Case Scenario

    Hey Welcome!

    We could use some new blood here, stick around, it’s fun!

    Everything that’s been said above is correct, but it’s nice to see a decent image that we can dissect – instead of hundreds of shots of someones cat!

    It may be the low resolution but I see a really nice shot that’s been let down by the retouching. Some areas that need smoothing have been left alone and others have been blurred beyond recognition. Now if you are an amateur with six months camera time, you are doing great! If you are rather more advanced (obviously you are!) Then you need to ditch Portrait Pro and learn how to do it in PS.

    Show me more!


    For those who are not too curious, your profile has your web page:  http://www.adamklempke.com, and your contact page takes one to other pages.  Those taking the trip can see the model you posted here in different poses and with different levels of retouching.

    Like the others, I think the one you posted here is over processed.  Most of my models are never going to see 50 again, and you retouch more than I do!  And, a watermark is a great way to ruin a photo.  Those who are good with Photoshop can get rid of a watermark in a few minutes.  Those who want to steal your photo are probably not that good with Photoshop, but they can make your photo a lot worse in a few minutes while trying to get rid of the watermark.  If your watermark is clear but unobtrusive, at least some of those who try to steal your work will not realize it is there and will leave it for the rest of us to find.

    Your lighting diagrams look like they were done with a tool like Visio.  They look great.  That gallery is a nice touch.

    http://www.adamklempke.com/33rv7hippl7johth3711d7lxws5tfu has something on the right side painted over in black that is blacker/different texture than the rest of the background.  It looks like you are trying to hide an umbrella.

    To Bill’s comment #2, the catch lights suggest clam shell lighting.  That didn’t bother me.  What I noticed was her eye colour matches her scarf.  I thought that was good.

    If you are using Portrait Pro as WCS suggested, a similar tool, or plug-ins, it is time to do your own editing.  Your models are all young enough that a few seconds with a healing brush should solve blemishes.  Sometimes less really is more.

    Welcome to the group


    It’s nice to see a nice image on here! I’m only learning and can’t offer any technical advice but I like it and agree with what CC has just said that the scarf is a great attention to detail and works well to bring out her eye colouring. Well done!

    Worst Case Scenario

    Those who want to steal your photo are probably not that good with Photoshop, but they can make your photo a lot worse in a few minutes

    I actually did a Google search on the image, as it looked like some one had cloned out a water mark on the fingers!


    So is this guy not who he says he is?


    This is for sure my image, look at my website you can see more photos of this model… Thanks for all the CC I really do need to work on my retouching I use aperture smoothing tool for skin and i think fb may have killed the quality


    WCS, where do you see (possible) cloning on the fingers? I’m not seeing it…


    wait, now I see the blur area. What is that blur zone about, Aklemke? Did she have something in her you wanted hidden?


    I dong see the blur? I add blue tone overlay to most of my photos  I don’t know why but I like it


    The blur is in-between the middle finger and the ring finger Aklempke

    I just wanted to come on and just CLAP!  I’m clapping very fast and have a big smile on my face  I think I might even whistle!

    Yay!!! Good photography to view, and a real critique to read!!!  This doesn’t happen often at all around here.  So glad you stopped by Aklempke, and I hope you stick around 🙂


    oh yeah, I guess I should put in my 2 cents…

    I agree about the watermark placement.  This photograph is way too pretty to do that to.  It needs to be somewhere less obstructive for sure.  That’s all I have lol  Everything else is kind of over my head, but I loved reading about the catch lights and whatnot.  I really learned a lot from it.  Your skill level is way above mine so I can’t comment further.  Id probably pass out with excitement if I made this or anything comparable lol

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