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    I submitted my website here a couple of months ago for some critique, and now am just looking to see if I’ve improved at all! Please do not hold back! I’m looking for critique on how my website is organized, how it looks, as well as my photographs.




    I had some time to look through I guess it was an engagement shoot.

    In general not bad. One thing that jumped out at me however is none of the images were closeups, and not entirely tack sharp. Have you thought of investing in some good glass? You’d be amazed how far a premium lens will bring your shots in terms of clarity.

    Also, remember your exposure triangle – ISO, shutter and aperture – and how it affects each shot you take. You need to use this to your advantage. Most of your shots in the gallery of the engagement are not uniformly exposed, or have very large DOF.

    Plus, are you shooting in RAW or jpeg? The RAW format allows for significantly more pleasing post-processing of your image and takes control away from the camera and what it THINKS you want. Your options become become boundless in Lightroom or Photoshop with a RAW image – in jpeg, you can change very, very little of your shot if it is not pleasing to you.

    Remember, too, that Ps and LR cannot fix a bad composition, pose, focusing, or even camera shake. Work hard to practice these – there are many, many good videos on youtube on how to work on these concepts.


    Worst Case Scenario

    Hard to say if you have improved as I can’t remember what you had before. Your site is okay to look at but seems slow to load? The layout is very minimal so there’s no problem navigating. I really like a lot of your shots, but NONE of them are sharp enough. You also have a lot of  colour issues and your exposures are fairly random.

    You seem to have something that dulls down the pics when you mouse over them?  I’m only on my laptop at the moment, but they all look better when they are dulled down!  Also if you click an image, it takes ages to load into a new window that isn’t much bigger than the original.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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