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    There is a pretty awful fauxtographer who is based less than a mile away from me. He set up his “business” around a year ago, with a name only TWO LETTERS different from my business name.¬† This p****d me off quite a bit.

    I noticed on the faux’s facebook page a cover photo almost identical to the image on mine. ( same place, same angle EXACTLY) the only difference being, that theirs was all over the place, off white balance, crooked horizon etc etc. This p****d me off even more.

    It would appear that with the very simillar name, and copied cover photo, people were thinking at first glance that it was my page. The faux has since taken portraits for past clients of mine, aswell as getting involved with a charity that I work with from time to time.

    Now, do I call them up on this, or not? I am really angry, as I in no way want people to think that their photographs have ANYTHING to do with me…………………………..

    I would submit them to this site, but they’re already on here lol

    Advice would be appreciated ūüôā


    Imitation Is The Greatest Compliment… but i am sorry to hear, that you lost business over this whole thing. i believe you can report his FB page to FB, other than that i’d say get a real website, if you don’t have one, yet – FB photo resolution sucks anyway.

    And maybe even talk to the guy. Then talk to a lawyer as well, if you have lost enough business to endanger your business.



    Did you really lose business, or did they temporarily leave? If he is really that bad and you are not a faux yourself, then they will be back.. If they left you simply because he was cheaper than you, they get what they pay for.


    If he is worse than you then I feel bad for all the people in the area.  Neither of you are anywhere close to good enough to be charging for photos.


    Lol to the last comment. I suppose I should hand back all of my awards then yeah?


    Nah, keep the Fauxtog award


    You’re obviously confusing me with someone else…………………….


    You’re obviously confused about how “good” you are.


    Not at all……………….


    these kinda photographers¬†don’t¬†last long anyway. Good luck with that.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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