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    I was just wondering if anyone else on here has ever found themselves taking someone’s pics off of facebook and editing them to see if they had potential. I asked a friend of mine if she would mind if I tried to edit a couple of pics that she had posted of her daughter and she was OK with the idea. When I showed her the results, she wanted me to do more of them. Whoops.


    Facebook is the fodder for much of the content of this site. If you’re saving the image directly from Facebook, or even getting the JPG originals from her, I’m sure you already know that successive edits to JPG files degrade the image every time. If she wants you to do more, charge her a fee for your time—how much you charge is dependent on the level of the friendship and whether or not you want to deter her from asking for more edits (or you could simply tell her no). Of course, if you like doing that kind of stuff, she could very well refer you to her friends and you could make some extra money over and above your current means. It doesn’t have to be digital files, either, there are those who would pay a lot to have old family photographs restored from cracked and faded originals.


    plausible concept. However, since jpeg files deteriorate with each successive write to the disk, it’s impractical. If you are not extremely careful, the final image could look “over-processed” compared to the original.

    Attempting to successfully edit a poor jpeg is akin to RECOOKING an overdone turkey dinner with more gravy and spices – you’ll taste the spice and sauces, but in the end, the meat will still be way overdone.

    Ask for the RAW image, pull it into LR5 and turn out a masterpiece (assuming you started an image that is halfway decent). 🙂



    As long as you’re doing it with their permission.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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