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    It seems as if you spend a good portion of your time online trying to “out” fauxtogs or trying to convince potential clients why they should pick you over them. Guess what, clients don’t care what camera gear you have or whether or not you have formal education. All they care about is the final product and the professionalism you can provide. So why not just let your photos speak for themselves? The type of people that have to be shown photos side by side in order to illustrate what a “quality” photo looks like as compared to a sub-par image are not the type of clients you should be aiming to attract.

    Also, I might add- it’s not very smart to publicly display and point fingers at other photographers’ work while trying to run a business of your own (referring to other threads). Your name and reputation are tied to your profile on this site, and it may leave a negative impact later on. That, and it’s just kind of tacky and immature.


    Thanks, Gerbles, for saying what i was thinking. browneyedgirl, you went onto somebody’s facebook page and (after the customer had commented on an image) criticized the photographer. It was unbelievably rude, it was unprofessional, and it was something you’d expect from a teenager…whoops.

    lets look at this image again:

    Nick and Melissa, ceremony

    yeah, not seeing the groom. The bride is TOO full and her back gives off a warm hue and also creates a line pointing away from the groom. Ask anybody with an “artistic eye” that isn’t part of your family (it sounds to me like they are the majority of your fan club). And if you claim to understand line work, why do you use SO MUCH dutch angles. Holy cow, i probably came down with vertigo looking at just one page of your work. The branches do not “subtly frame” your brother. The increased contrast towards the foreground creates havoc in the entire background, the more defined branches lead out to the right corner. The road guard behind him is unnecessary background information for the eye.

    I’m implying that you do not understand photography because you focus on crap like photoshop actions (holy freaking cow, is there ANY image on your site without an action on it. I can’t wait till this “vintage” fad dies down and we can see real photography again). You also embody every other teenager with a rebel, you overuse narrow DOF.

    Here’s an example you might understand better. Tattoos are both art and product. So is photography. There are hundreds/thousands of tattoo-ists (i won’t say artist yet)/photographers. Sometimes people want to get a tribal tattoo, and that’s fine. Any tattoo shop in town (in any town) can do a flash piece. But then you have other people that want art , and that’s when they look around the country, find an ARTIST and get on a WAITING list. Sometimes they are on the list for over 5 years, and they put in a down payment (of up to $800, again that’s just down payment). THOSE are the people that want art, not the ones who went in for a house special $40 flash piece. Capisce? It’s the same for photography. When you WANT art, you look for it, if  you just want photos you find someone to just give you photos.

    I don’t have a photography page. I don’t hold myself on quite the pedestal that you do. My photography work exists for me and me alone, I do not care if others like it and i certainly wont go out there and claim how much better i am than anyone, that’s just rude. I am not a troll, and for a while i honestly thought YOU were, but it turns out you are just THAT passionately in love with yourself. Anyway, i’m done with this. Have fun getting off to your own poorly done “art”.


    For the record, this site may be built to make fun of bad photogs, but at least the moderator had the decency to censor out the people’s names.


    It was unbelievably rude, it was unprofessional, and it was something you’d expect from a teenager…whoops.

    For the record, this site may be built to make fun of bad photogs, but at least the moderator had the decency to censor out the people’s names.


    I don’t think any true professionals would do any of this. People perhaps get 1 or 2 clients a week will think that they all of a sudden have some untouchable knowledge of photography and will forever be untouchable.

    People like that are the worst kind really. People who find amusement in humiliating beginners are no better than a child pulling wings of a fly. Except it’s not a child, it’s a child who’s deluded herself into thinking she’s a good photographer when she wouldn’t even qualify to enter into a pit in Fashion weeks or Media, walk backstage into a concert or in pretty much anything real photographers do.

    The funny thing is that she boasts proudly at the equipment she has and how equipment matters when the body and glass she uses does not warrant such arrogance.
    The hilarious thing is, is that Browneyegirl got into an argument on how equipment matters when she’s holding a Rebel and a cheap knock off lens.

    I think thats a little bit ironic.

    FYI, if you can’t even take a nice photo with a point and shoot and need equipment to compensate? Yeah, for you, Equipment matters.


    This site is to make fun of ridiculously bad photography, and if you’re implying that I’m the only one linking photos, you’re skewing your views to match your poor attitude. Honestly it sounds like jealousy. Could be wrong, but if you’re going to say my photography isn’t art, you’re in the vast minority. I also get more than 1 or 2 clients a week (during warmer months, winter is a break). Sorry you don’t like actions. For your info I produce clean edits for my clients and add other edits because people like it, duh.

    So remember when I stated that even if you shoot with a Rebel, you can still get excellent images? Someone with little experience, no. And knockoff lens? So because a Sigma lens costs less than the same in a Canon, it’s not a good lens? By the way I also have a 5DII and 40D.

    And no, my comments in these forums are not linked to my business page.

    The beginners I “humiliated” supposedly were doing photography for 15 years.

    You’re only being offensive because you’re probably missing something in life. At least I know I’m producing quality work, and you’re approval is not needed, I have enough who know it’s great 🙂


    I must say this was a very entertaining read…. LOL!!!


    You’re only being offensive because you’re probably missing something in life.

    That’s rich! Also Ironic! Thanks! I’ve had my good chuckle for the day.


    You are just silly to think that potential clients can’t find you here. All you have to do is click your avatar and you proudly display your link to your website. You strike me as someone who is young and foolish – and also has poor business sense. If you think your photography is art, it probably is. And people (clients) probably are happy with it (but, as you know, fauxtogs also have satisfied customers). But you are also in need of a huge amount of improvement (and hopefully you know this). Basically, the point I’m trying to make is this: your work is mediocre for a wedding photographer. You seem to have this attitude of “it’s art, and I’ll do what I want”. Have you ever been to 500px.com? There are world class wedding photographers’ work on this site that you should check out. And no, I’m not jealous. You can only be jealous of a person if they have something you want. I just see someone with potential that could be ruining her reputation as a photographer by having a pompous attitude and acting in poor taste on a public forum.


    Gerbles is too nice (but you’re hitting the nail on the head, so to speak, of what i’m trying to get at. I’m just more of a b***h about it). At this point everyone can leave her be. She obviously knows everything about photography now. Didn’t you see her leaf pictures! Print me out a few of those, because i certainly couldn’t do THAT, I’m just not capable of widening my aperture like SHE can.

    Back to my previous example, tattoo shops also get more than 1 to 2 clients a week, hell, they get dozens. That doesn’t make the workers there artists, it makes them capable of giving a tattoo. You may get more than one client a week, but only because you are able to push the button on the camera (but not hold it perpendicular to the ground, don’t worry, you’ll get there some day. ) And I love actions, there are tons of actions capable of making a good image even better. But you take a snapshot (taken with a high resolution camera) and apply the same action over and over and over again and then call it art. It’s unoriginal. Especially when dozens of teens/fashion bloggers/food bloggers/instagramers are using/doing the same thing.

    The only reason i singled you out was because you made it a point to humiliate others. Those people never asked for it, if you want to help them privately message them. Do NOT publicly humiliate them. If they stole an image, tell them you are going to report it and they need to take action. Don’t be rude, especially when you call yourself a pro, because you are dragging down the others (the REAL pros) to your level.

    And be honest with yourself, they say they’ve been in the business for 15 years, but how long have digital cameras been so readily accessible to a mass audience? They can say whatever they want, but they are the same as you. They ran into a bit of money, bought a fancy looking camera, and thought they looked pro so they opened up shot. The general populous isn’t going to question someone holding a fancy looking piece of equipment, they don’t know better.

    Final note, before I let you get back to masturbating to your own flickr page again, you’ve never even offered your stuff up for criticism from this site, not once. The only times you post your page are in this general context: “look how BAD this person is. EW, this is the absolute worst. Oh hey, look how good *I* am! See! I’m not like this other photographer! I’m so much better! Please, somebody tell me how much better i am! ” (someone replies that you are better than said faux) “Thaaaanks, lol, duh!”  You don’t look for critique, you look for affirmation. And THAT’S why you can’t ever hope to excel.


    If you’d actually read the other forums, you’d see where I asked for critique, got it, and have taken the advice and have worked/am working on a few things. So, your last statement is completely false. And I never said I knew everything about photography. Pretty sure I’ve stated more than once that the best thing anyone including myself to do is keep learning and keep changing, and keep pushing myself to new limits. So before you go and say a bunch of crap (because you can, and seem to enjoy it) know what you’re talking about.

    I don’t take snapshots to post on any of my portfolios. And I don’t apply the same action over an over. I use several workflow actions on many of my images, along with my other normal editing techniques, and SOME that I post I do something different to (besides the clean edit of the same image, you must have missed when I said that.)

    Still would like to see your photography that you “do for yourself and no one else.”

    The top-notch wedding photography company that I was hired as a second shooter for this fall was extremely happy with my work and gave me a large bonus. He’s one of the most accredited studios in the midwest. I wouldn’t say I’m a mediocre photographer and neither did he obviously.

    So, enjoy yourself being condescending a$$, little high-school remarks and all, and I’ll continue enjoying real critiques of my work. 🙂 Have a great day!


    Was the bonus you received contingent upon how many dutch angle shots you could supply?


    Look browneyed,

    I think I said this before.  No, you are not a faux, but you sure do tend to behave like one.

    you are a good photographer, on her way to being better.  A good photographer.  A mediocre photographer, that produces the same level of work as many, many many many others.  There is no shame in that.  As you already know it takes hard work to make good images.  Slow down, calm down, and concentrate more on yourself and your own work.  With time your photography will be even further separated from your competition, and you will no longer feel that strong urge to prove you are better than the fauxs and you also won’t feel the need to tell potential clients you are better than a faux or the mediocre everyday ho hum “I used this action” togs because you actually WILL be better.  Clients won’t be knowing this because of your new camera or equipment, they’ll know it because of the finished products and wonderful customer service you provide.  Quit bickering, and get back to work.  Your making yourself look silly.  You’ll look back on this behavior and the images you have produced and be red faced.  Mark my words, red faced.  You can’t do anything to fast forward the learning process, but you ARE in control of how you behave during it.


    look, I know it’s nerve racking to see fauxs trash something you love, and to have people out there who think so little of it.  Thats why we are ALL here But, while you concentrate on all of them, your real  competition  is getting better and better and the bar is getting set higher and higher.  If your goal was only to boot be a faux, then congrats.  But if you want to be successful at professional photography you have a long hard road ahead.  Quit looking back and move forward


    High five, gerbles.

    browneyedgirl, you ONLY want to see my images so you can compare yourself to me. Frankly, I don’t care. I have nothing to prove to you. The only photographer I ever care to compare myself to is the one I was the day before.  Forgive me if I don’t spare the time to upload images onto the internet while i work on my master’s thesis and work full time. Forgive me if I don’t go out and start my own photography business in the mean time either, god knows I want to waste 6 years of higher education (thousands of dollars and hours of work) to start a sub par photography business.

    But , you know, good job fixing those angles….oh wait. I mean, good job composing those images….wait, damn. I guess you’ll find something you’re good at someday. Lets just hope potential clients of yours never find this nice trail of nasty judgement on your part. :0


    “Boot be a faux” = not be a faux. Strangest auto correct ever!


    The top-notch wedding photography company that I was hired as a second shooter for this fall was extremely happy with my work and gave me a large bonus. He’s one of the most accredited studios in the midwest. I wouldn’t say I’m a mediocre photographer and neither did he obviously.

    Lol! Second photographer. Man you must be sooo proud of yourself 🙂

    So, enjoy yourself being condescending a$$

    Again. Another Classic from the girl who is the embodiment of condescension. You are right though, bullying people who are beneath you is alot of fun. I can really see why you like to pick on people who are not as talented and below you.  I just feel really empowered to know I can prey on the weak to make myself feel secure.


    I think one thing is for sure.  That since the rapid speed growth of the fauxtogs there has been even more “competition” to get jobs/shoots.  I think that some people see the fauxtogs as a threat to business.  I know everyone here says that if you are good they won’t be your competition. I think that I sense that frustration in browneyed’s posts.  I also see her say she has lots to learn.  I’m not a pro and still have a very long way to go.  I’m currently taking another course in an effort to learn more.  But I do think that this is a place to vent and while I get that the folks who started this site do leave out the names of the togs, I’m sure they would know their own images if they did troll this site and no one thinks twice about criticizing them.  I too see my own level of frustration with these people.  Heck as soon as my own cousin knew I was seriously embarking on a journey to learn photography and am working to have the skills/knowledge to open a business (not to mention a savings account to sustain it while I’m getting off the ground), she bought a Rebel, whipped up a Facebook page and viola, she’s in business.  That kind of stuff tends to irritate people who are still trying to learn.  Watching her produce image after image of the same over saturated railroad track pictures with extra heavy vignetting and having people comment on how wonderful it is makes me wonder if people are constantly bombarded with that crap is that what they will expect as talent and quality.  I sure as hell hope not.

    I’m glad I am not alone in my frustration and honestly, it saves the family drama to have somewhere else to vent about it.  I know in our area there are so many faux popping up every day, I can’t keep them straight.  It is so irritating to see the crap they produce and call it pro.  Which I believe is the driving force behind this site.  So I’m guessing that if any of us comment on how crappy those pictures on the front page we are bullies???

    I think the point of this original post was that while browneyed self-admittedly has things to learn, those folks think they have mastered photography by clicking a button.  And honestly, back to my cousin, I even tried to talk to her to share/exchange knowledge and she acted like she was the greatest pro and because she took one course at a local community college back in her film days, she didn’t need any advice and certainly didn’t care to share her knowledge.  The only advice I had even offered was to show her some basic editing, after she said she had someone else edit her pictures because she couldn’t even open Photoshop.  And when I say basic edits, I mean what some of the tools do to get her started.

    I don’t know any of you but I did post my personal flickr page with hopes of getting someone to give me some feedback and only a couple people gave me the time of day on this site.  Yet, one person posts about a faux and everyone is on it like flies on shit.  We’re all guilty.

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