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    These 6 images are my favorites. I’m leaning towards doing fashion, modeling, and commercial photography as my main type of photography. I would like to be a successful fashion photographer like Nigel Barker, Russell James, or even someone like Lindsay Adler (who hasn’t had as much experience as the other two), but I’m realistic and I know that my chances of being one on the level of the aforementioned photographers is a slim as making it in Hollywood. But anyway, here are my favorites.

    Taken during a pin-up / retro shoot-out

    I’m in love with this one because of the model’s outfit. It really suited her. When I saw her outfit, I immediately thought of former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. My only issue is the floor. Unfortunately, the studio didn’t put any floor drops, mainly because it’s by the entrance were everyone is coming in and out. I wanted to omit the floor, but I wanted to also show off her long legs. I quickly edited the floor and added a white overlay. There was window light and I had my flash on the camera, but it was pointed 90 degrees and bounced off the ceiling.

    I snuck in this shot while someone else was directing her. I was using my 85mm 1.8 lens. The lighting is continuous.

    I love how her eyes are “smiling” for the camera. Shot with just the available ambient light.

    For these 3 photos, I was trying to go for the black and white Herb Ritts style of photography, but it ended up looking like an Abercrombie ad.


    My goal in the next few months to a year is to improve with my photography more and more that it’s good enough to contact modeling agencies and ask to do test shoots with their new faces. I attended a speaking engagement with fashion photographer Lindsay Adler, and she was giving us her tips on how she became successful as a fashion photographer, and she is only 28! This was one of the things she did. She even found models on Model Mayhem.

    Let me know what you think!


    Hello again Ajanette,
    The shots are looking good, way to go.
    Out of what you have here, I like #’s 3, 4 & 6 out of the bunch.
    You know, in this there is always critique and suggestions, I will give you mine if it helps you any.

    Image #1, the model is nice looking, the pose I think is good, but I think I would have shot it a little wider, it at all possible. It looks like it is a little on the cool side, but that is just me.

    Image #2, You said you snook this shot, so I can’t blame you for anything on the lighting, so no worries. Not knowing the set, I probably would have placed a small key light or reflector to bring out some finer details of her suit. The details end about right below her boobs and none on the hat. I think the little bit of light in these places helps set the scene since the fashion is a big part of the shot. The only other thing is her skin looks very smooth, not much details in the face. I know women like to look smooth, but I cannot tell where he cheeks are. Hopefully she is blessed with naturally smooth skin.

    Image #3 – I like this shot and I think that the model looks hot, but a little pale and slightly bluish. I know that a lot of redheads are pale, but she looks very pale, otherwise, I love the shot. The tattoo is very colorful and adds to the shot, I think.

    Image #4 & 5 – Nice. I would add a bit more contrast to him to make him look a little more rugged. The model is a good looking guy and muscular, a little more contrast will help brig out those attributes. I like image 4 over 5, it may be just the pose, not sure. Sometimes less is more.

    Image #6 – I like the pose and the look but it just looks a little flat. Otherwise, I think you nailed it. Maybe the only other thing would be to add a poster-board, reflector or something to the model’s left to add a catch light for the eyes. I think the brightness is fine, but something to add to the pupils, not the whole eye.

    Good job, I think overall, they look good.


    I put a side by side of my take if you don’t mind of Image #4. Let me know and I will delete it.
    Image #4


    Thanks for the help Bill! You are right about the contrast. Your contrasting made it better and he looks more rugged. But because I still wanted his eyes to pop a little, I didn’t contrast it as much.

    #4 – http://31.media.tumblr.com/2e869fac10cce1954841702ccc687677/tumblr_mw1cgonbdu1sjzaluo2_r1_1280.jpg
    #5 – http://24.media.tumblr.com/bce2ad022daf7dda4382d2fc26036250/tumblr_mw1cgonbdu1sjzaluo1_r1_1280.jpg

    I think the change in contrast made it less look an Abercrombie ad and he doesn’t look some much like a pretty boy.

    As for the red head, she is actually that pale. Here is another picture of her in a different outfit with 2 other models with darker skin, but this was taken by another photographer – https://scontent-a-pao.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/1012729_10202433654348044_785377001_n.jpg

    However, I did lower the exposure so she has a bit more color:#3 – http://31.media.tumblr.com/54a295d973806a4701a5f8f6f8d410a0/tumblr_mw2zmq3V6n1sjzaluo3_r1_1280.jpg

    For #1, I should have gone wider. I was shooting with my 50mm, but I was on a crop sensor camera, so it wasn’t as wide. She was at least 5’10” and shooting her with my 50mm was pretty difficult. The 2 times I took pictures of her, I had my 50mm and wished that I went wider. I always found myself having to scoot way far to get her whole body.


    All the light on the women is very flat, which leaves them somewhat featureless.  They all look young enough to be wrinkle free without the flat light.  If it was a “shoot-out”, does that mean someone else was responsible for lighting?


    Looks good. You weren’t kidding when you said the redhead was really that pale, LOL.

    Not sure what your using for editing, in PS there are several ways of adding contrast without dumping it onto the entire image. The easiest would probably either be a smart object route or the adjustment layer with a mask, either will achieve the same result. This way the eyes are left untouched and the rest of him can be as rugged as you like.

    Yes, shooting a really tall woman with a 50mm in close quarters is tough enough then add the crop sensor, just makes it harder. In essence, you were shooting with the equivalent of an 85mm.

    Good Job though, I will delete the image off of Imgur…


    Your stuff is excellent and getting better every time you post. On shot 5, the line of the mountains cuts across the model’s head. But that’s a very small nit-pick. For you now, I would say it is a question of right place and right time. I hope you find it.


    @Cameraclicker, there were different instances where I had control of the lighting, and others I didn’t. Throughout that whole event, I was kicking myself because I didn’t bring any stands for off-camera flash stuff because it was the organizer’s first time holding such an event. For instance, with that picture I showed Bill of the 3 models, there were about 6 people shooting those 3 models and one held a reflector. They had to work from the ambient light.  But for others, like the one with the redhead, in which it was a one-on-one session, it was all natural lighting in the shade.

    Shootouts are great and fun because I get to shoot different people in different settings, but the downside to them is that you have to battle with other people on lighting. Which is why everyone just shoots with the ambient light.

    – Thanks for the compliments! I try to make sure that every time I post a picture for critique, it’s better than my last one. I do take everyone’s advice into consideration!


    The shots are looking good.

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