Drink Up, If You Like Babies

Cheers? I don’t think I can drink to this. Not only is it a baby in a glass. It’s a baby dressed in a Christmas outfit in a cup, with an odd background.

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  1. Mmmm faded peppermint baby martini. I can not figure out what is going on in this picture(?) or what was going through the head of the person that edited it together. Was the edit bad enough that they added grain to hide the mistakes? Is that a tree on the right trying to frame the image of… what is the back image? Distinct enough to draw the eye; vague enough to keep the attention. Check me off as confused.

  2. Anonymous

    I have come up with a crazy subliminal message the fauxtog might have tried to say. You should drink martinis, get drunk on christmas or new years eve and have sex in a bathroom…thus conceiving an unfortunate child. Oh, and don’t forget to use newspaper to cover the nasty disgusting bathroom floor.

  3. Di9it4l

    Possible fauxtog subliminal message. Get drunk on christmas day/new years eve, have sex in a bathroom and out pops a child for the new year! Don’t forget to put newspaper on the bathroom floor because thats just nasty to do it on a dirty floor…

  4. I’m so done with the baby in a (insert stupid prop here) photos. I didn’t like it when Anne G did it – and of course now everyone has to copy her to make it interesting.

    • Anonymous

      If you are fine with using props for children of any age or seniors for that fact it makes no sense not to use a prop to make a photo tell a story for babies! This photo however is just a mess. I think using appropriate props for babies is important and not jepordizing their safety is something some people dont consider. But props are useful

  5. Well I’m glad they at least paid enough attention to photoshop the baby’s shadow into the background. Oh wait……

  6. Wow, thats horrible and just weird!

  7. Epic Fail.. This gets minus 5 stars….

  8. Is this for an anti-drinking ad or something? Drink too much and you’ll have babies in your martini glasses?

  9. Anonymous

    Don Draper got the memo!

  10. Melissa

    If there is really a martini glass somewhere in this world big enough to fit a child inside, I’d like to drink from it.

  11. NicCole

    That’s an absinthe glass. Maybe the photographer was drinking and doesn’t even know the kid was there? It’s a better explanation than someone pitched this idea and thought “yeah!”

  12. Frankie

    Well…………….um…..nope…..er…..no comment.

  13. This is what happens when photographers take psychedelic drugs before editing their pictures…all this crazy shit looks good!

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