BYOC: Bring Your Own Camera

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  1. Classic case of “You Get What You Pay For”. SIGH.

  2. Is this a joke?

    • roycebennett

      I so believe that this was meant to be a joke. It’s just too damn corny to not be.

  3. This pisses me off.

    On another note, what about those floating eyes and mouth above the white suit?

  4. This is a fake.

  5. Matt McCarl

    I love the “In a sea of so-called professional photographers” the fact he doesn’t own a camera at all sets him apart. It’s 90% off and only $10 and yet that still seems like too much.

  6. Wow! Is she for freakin real? So called photographers with fancy Canon DSLR’s? I’ll just use yours cuz I can”t afford to buy one of those fancy ones! ha….

  7. Matt McCarl

    It does seem fake, especially the last paragraph.

  8. Ok, I never leave a comment but for this time, i mean really?! Unbelievable. From the woman standing next to a white blazer and yellow shirt to the woman with the spout on her head. Are you freaking kidding me! And your telling people that you will shoot on there camera. Wow!

  9. This has to be fake, or at least along the same lines as the YouAreNotAPhotographer. It all seemed really sarcastic.

  10. ithurtswhenipee

    For those of you how don’t frequent craigslist in the creative services section, this is one of those posts that was made in jest. Usually there is an actual post that is similar made on that same day that this one is making fun of.

    • Thank you! I was pretty sure it was a spoof… but your explanation allows me to laugh with them instead of feel slightly ill.

  11. I really enjoy this website and facebook feed. I try to study the pictures and learn from them. What not to do in my personal photography as I want to get better. This one does seem a bit much? Is this guy serious? Are there really people that advertise on graigslist of this level? This is really sad if this person is for real. I cant even bring myself to call this person a faux… This is just a mess.

  12. It’s a joke, people.

    • Anonymous

      Just a shame that most of the people commenting on this page DON’T see the sarcasm dripping over the edges! To those, I say, put your ‘professional photography business’ a rest for awhile, while you pull your heads out of your asses lol. It’s just a CL post that sums up the point of this entire site, but just much smaller. Duh.

  13. Really! Like really…and that is all I have to say!

  14. Susan Hoffman

    Made me laugh, that’s for sure.

  15. Anonymous

    Please tell me this isn’t real….

  16. Wsroadrunner

    I wouldn’t be suprised if it were real, but I suspect it’s a spoof.

  17. Trollin’ Craig’s List!

  18. My new all time favorite. This is so bad I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Getting an amateur to use your camera to take crappy photos? $10. The laughs you’ll have looking at the results? Priceless.

  19. come on people, its obviously a joke

  20. This is a train wreck. I have never laughed so hard at a Craigs List ad!

  21. Silly people! It’s in jest. And it’s REALLY funny! “I don’t actually own a camera…” Ha! Love it.

  22. Technically you don’t have to actually own a camera to be a professional, you just need people to pay you and know how to use it. Rent the high end gear and pass off the cost to the client.

    This is still funny. I would like to see the ad that spawned this though.

    • Google “eye capture moments” you can find the original Craigslist ad. From there it’s pretty easy to see the other ads that must have spawned this ad. There are two or three right below it that are definitely real, and one in particular titled “unusual photographs by female” that states she will use your digital camera!!

  23. Would you bring him your camera? 🙂

  24. You mean all those years of study in school, the seminars, the in-depth books by respected pros, my studio gear AND my camera were all unnecessary? I could have saved thousands of dollars and years of time becoming a so-called professional. I always find this stuff out after it is too late!

  25. Anonymous

    After seeing that picture with the statue erupting I thought BYOC stood for something entirely different.

  26. Anonymous

    LOL! I seriously wonder how many emails they received. For 10 bucks people will let anyone shoot them.


  28. Ha! But, guys, you get pictures on TRAIN TRACKS!
    LMAO, I certainly hope this person isn’t for real!

    • Anonymous

      Yes, everyone seems to have at least two of a number of looks: On train tracks; with a suitcase and cowboy boots ON the train tracks; laying ‘seductively’ on huge rocks (preferably in near any body of water). Come ON; how many more ‘pros’ are going to access ‘budioer’ photos that aren’t even IN the buidor (which is translated into a ladies sleeping room). Ugh.

  29. I’m not giving my real name or anything to give away where I’m from – but I was browsing my local “craigslist” (not craigslist, but similar) for a bed to buy – and I thought hey why don’t I just type in “photographer” and see what I find in my area. Bingo – found one girl, advertising the shit out of her facebook profile. I went and sussed it out and saw that she had actually photographed a wedding for a guy I had gone to school with many years ago. The photos were TERRIBLE. Overexposed in the first place and trying to be fixed by lowering the exposure in a program where the results just looked like iPhoto quality (which isn’t that bad – but for a paying customer I wouldn’t do it). I mean, half the photos had the “blurred borders” looked mixed with a bit of vignetting and pumping up the saturation. It was godawful. She also went on to explain on her facebook wall how she has now become a professional photographer because she has advertising in the “photographers – professional” section on this craigslist-like-website. I was in AWE. This is really happening in my town?! People are getting ripped off like this?!

    So, I set up a fake email and emailed her pretending to want to hire a wedding photographer, just so I could see her rates. Her emails were very professional, very nice. She gave me her rates – I was SHOCKED. I consider myself a person who wants to get into the wedding photography field. I have assisted many photographers in my region and have done countless FREE weddings to try and get my standards up to that of being able to charge the rates that other professional wedding photographers do. I’m still struggling to find my niche, and to get a whole wedding album together that is in sync. And here’s this fauxtog going out charging top-price for a wedding package for SHITTY fucking pictures.

    After writing this comment, I’m going to login to my fake facebook account and send her the link to this website. I hope she reads this comment and has a long hard think about what she’s doing. You only get ONE wedding day. Don’t fuck it up for everyone involved.

  30. *fake email account. Not facebook account haha

  31. Wow a lot of the people commenting here are stupid. What a waste of grey matter.

    On another note, this ad is incredibly funny.

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