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    These are some shots I took today. Some were in Manual mode and some were in Apature priority mode and some with auto focus and some with manual focus.  These are all SOOC. I know I have a lot to learn and need tons of improvement. So give me your best and most honest critiques. :-)

    practice shots 4 162
    practice shots 4 112
    The ones below were full manual except focus was auto.
    practice shots 4 128
    practice shots 4 129


    http://www.flickr.com/photos/93828462@N02/8597948809/in/photostream/ is too blue.  B&W needs strong graphics and/or great shades.  I think yours may need more contrast.

    I like the ducks.  You probably should have asked the top one to wash off its beak though.  Kidding…  Nice late day light.




    These were actually taken early this morning. About an hour after sunrise. I was thinking the same thing about the the building ones. The colored one I had used the custom white balance feature on my camera to expierment and that is what I came up with. I am currently still learning the post process of pictures in paintshop.  I am right now as we speak reading the how to on how to better fine tune the color balance in pictures without ruining the whole picture. It has been a lot of trial and error for me. And I agree on the B&W there isn’t enough contrast in that picture. It is way too flat and gray instead of  true B&W. Thanks for the critiques. :-)


    OK, nice early day light.  ;o)

    I did a B&W from your blue one.  Have a peek at it here:  http://cameraclicker.com/galleries/OtherSites/8597948809_c21b252bb7_kb.jpg, I’m not sure it is far enough yet.

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    Thanks. I like it. And I do see what you mean about the contrast. The Edit you did looks tons better than the one I took.  I need to play around with paint shop a bit more to learn more editing techniques. In your honest opinion, do you think I have improved any since I first started my flicker account? I can tell a difference in my old stuff on photobucket and my newer stuff, but I haven’t seen much improvement here recently. I just kinda feel stuck. KWIM? I spent 3 hours at that park today trying different things and applying different techniques that I have learned recently. I have noticed slight improvements since I have been using my meter more.


    http://www.flickr.com/photos/93828462@N02/8599045056/in/photostream/ is better than http://www.flickr.com/photos/93828462@N02/8599043274/in/photostream/ which I’m sure is frustrating when your subject hides in the the branches.  I think I would crop and adjust shadow and highlights.  As I go through this more, I lean further toward using a flash more.  I think I would do something like this:  http://cameraclicker.com/galleries/OtherSites/8599045056_2b391a6f1f_k1.jpg.

    I think Scott Kelby was quoting someone else when he said, if you want better photos, stand in front of more interesting subjects.  I think the ducks are good.  I’m a city boy who has not spent much time on the farm and finds either city or woods and rivers more interesting.  Technically, I like low noise, sharp focus, pretty colours, good contrast.  As far as composition, there should be something to look at.  You could do rule of thirds, fill the frame, leading lines, triangles, or any number of other schemes.

    Looking through your photos I see a good one surrounded by not so good ones, and I see that throughout.  Some photos like this one, http://www.flickr.com/photos/93828462@N02/8538400472/in/photostream/, leave me wondering what you saw, or if the shutter was released accidentally.  I see another similar one with someone hiding behind the bush, but I would not post it either, normally, because it does not really appeal to anyone outside the subject person’s family.  I think the most recent batch may have a higher percentage in focus, which is a good thing.



    You are right about the ones I need to pull they are bad and don’t need to be on there. This month’s challenge for myself was working on focus and DOF.  My next topic to work on is composition and subject matter. And I am going to add those to my  current skill practice topic. I am wanting to go to the dunes that are about an hour from where we are to take pictures. I think they would make for some awesome landscapes.

    Thank you so much for your input Camera clicker. I really appreciate the help and the opinions. I don’t know if it was you or Don’t care that once told me to take one of my pictures and to blow it up and have it processed based on technical merit alone. I still haven’t had that picture to wow me enough to do that with yet, but I am learning more and more each day to get me to that point. I am also working on a collage of my kids for my mom for mother’s day and I want it to be the absolute best photos possible. So ya’ll’s critiques are really helping me in my journey. Thanks. :-)


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