Zumba Party

Zumba is such an intense workout that modern cameras cannot even capture it! Or maybe it’s just another fauxtog picture.

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  1. Ok so i will admit i have done a few of these experimenting with shutter speed and bulb mode for class assignments… And just learning how to use bulb mode and make it look like the person was there but not there all for projects with school on how to do things like this….

    • but it’s not in your portfolio….

    • Mathieu Perry

      Experimenting, class, and assignments do not equal professional photographer. It is an institution of learning not a business place. “Photography by” in over-used bleeding cowboy font or something just as bad is equivocal to the intent of a work place and thus the term professional … obviously highly mocked by the individual behind the shutter of this atrocity.

  2. I’ve had an SLR for 6 days and taken better action shots than that already….im not even kidding.

  3. Is that over saturated blur Miley Cyrus?

  4. This could be an “artistic” shot. Kind of depends on the other shots in their portfolio to judge by.

    • That’s what I was thinking Lindsay. It depends in which context they are using this image. If it’s in the experimental part of their folio I don’t see a problem.

      • Even if it’s “experimental” or “artistic” it’s still made lame by the unnecessary crap in the background.

      • Agreed James. It wouldn’t have been my pick, but I can kind of see where they may have been going with it.

      • Agree, but if so and if done intentionally, wouldn’t or shouldn’t they then have corrected the angle of the “scaffolding” in the back?

  5. Ooh, it’s gorgeous, please teach me how to do that…! :-p

  6. The extra arm by her side looks like a roll of fat at first glance :/

  7. I’m just wondering- being a lifelong learner myself…. At what point should a “faux tog” give up photography even if it’s their “dream”? Is there a set improvement point ? If you don’t reach it by that point should you caulk it up to the fact that your a talentless-can’t be taught loser? I’m just trying to wrap my head around the thinking of different people.

    • I think a lot of people are simply looking for an easy way to make money while having fun. When they get a decent DSLR, they think they’ve found the ticket to financial success while “doing something they love.” However, like anything else in life, being a success takes actual hard work. But they don’t want to work hard, so they produce terrible-to-mediocre work and just coast at that level because the customers they attract don’t know any better (or don’t want to pay for it).

  8. NicCole

    Moving is hard.

  9. Hmm Zumba doesn’t seem to do much for muffintops…

  10. that sucks. my friend has tons of pics from her Zumba class that turn out great 😉

  11. I get where the photographer was going with this but the execution was poor. The background isn’t sharp so there must have been a whole lotta (camera) shaking going on in addition to the slow shutter speed. What a mess!

  12. Are you sure that this has been taken with a modern camera?
    When I consider the white spots in the lower right corner of the image, and the bigger spot on the subjects right thigh I think this was a hybrid process. Whoever took this picture used an analogue camera that either allows for multiple exposures or even pinholes. Personally, I’m betting on the latter because of the way the movement is “painted”. This is exactly what it looks like when you’re exposing film to a longer, non linear movement. And the spots are dust particles that haven’t been removed during post processing.
    Well, a properly aligned tripod would’ve helped here, at least the stage in the background would have not been visible several times, and vertical lines would be vertical lines.
    The exposure time probably was too long, as the basic idea might’ve been to capture a piece of the action. This looks as if the subject is going crazy.

  13. Roula

    This is not crap. Obviously he/she was experimenting with shutter speed. Low speed is supposed to be used in weak light conditions, anyway. Don’t be quick to judge and mock.

  14. Snappy

    Bad photography is a disease that’s hard to shake. I know from personal experience. Even in photography class, you get exposed to influential fauxtography, which students try to emulate. Long ago, this fauxtog probably saw an old film capture with something similar to this, and decided it was “artistic” and “cool.” Actually, it was considered bad photography back then as well. The ol’ fauxtog just tried to pass it off as art because he was too lazy or arrogant to go back and do it better – ya know, actually crank the shutter speed up to capture the action.

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