Zombie Bride

Yes, please make me look like one of the undead.



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  1. What the? The fauxtographer bought a camera and 28 days later..

  2. well at least the fauxtog kept the dress pastel and pretty…

    why. why. why.

  3. Its Halloween or not :):) ??

  4. Anonymous

    Only thing dead is the “artists” ability to use the coloring tool…

  5. Clarissa

    I’m not sure, but this may be the WORST example of post-processing you’ve had on here yet. Ugh. Hideous.

  6. Susan Hoffman

    Tasteless, I think. 20 years from now they will look at that photo and say, “What were we thinking?” (Or maybe, “What, were we thinking?”) Maybe the bride likes it, I don’t know.

  7. nice marylin manson album cover.

  8. Still can’t get over the absolutely hideous mask job. Missed the class on soft edge brushes huh?

    • Geekcr,
      I can read your words, but I’m too much of a nub to understand them.
      Please, madam/sir, links to good discussions of “mask” and
      soft edge brushes?
      {cue inigo ~~ you keep using those words . . .}
      Love the trendy dress! Especially the handy point on the Elizabethan-style corset!
      At RenFaire the lords used these points to lift the ladies during the pleasing but exhausting dance, “La Volta”!
      I made several excellent RenFaire corsets with good, strong points and proper stays made from hoop skirt wire. The wedding rental place gave me to-be-discarded Civil-War era hoops to extract the wire from.

  9. wtf is right! this is disgusting. I can’t figure out why the dress was kept to true color for this awful color job? why not go all out?

  10. I can see this – only if this is specifically what the client requested – Especially since I’ve been contacted about “zombie” and “adams family” style weddings. They basically showed me similar shots to this one and asked if I could “duplicate” that look and feel. My response was (for the zombie one) sure – triple my price and put a disclaimer on the photos – saying you really wanted them like this – My response for the Adams Family one was a little different – since they mostly wanted BW – not color – although they did want a few – but then again both were going to be in full makeup anyway…

    and yes – the masking is bad…

  11. The processing is pretty horrific.. but were they going for a ‘Corpse Bride’ tribute?

  12. Chardetormar

    OMFG Why is there so many people that think photography is easy?

  13. AnastasiaB

    I think just… WHY!?!??!?!?!

  14. I like it…I think the blue hair really brings out her…..nope cant do it. Lol. Seriously wth?? I could see where a 12 year old might think this looks cool. This is probably one of those shots that all the “nice” people on her FB page told her/him looked cool and so they kept on doing it.

  15. If they wanted zombie there is a way to do so..but you have to know how to use the dodog,sponge,and other coloring option’s and know how to mask..You also have to know how to use the burn tool to hallow out around the cheek bones and other places bones normally protrude..
    This in my opinion looks like a bad acid trip…lol

  16. i don’t know how i missed this one… but i am a little scared to go to sleep tonight.

  17. no, they didn’t!!!

  18. No way. This must be a joke.

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