the zebras

Well isn’t this just wild…

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  1. BelindaAnn

    What the hell?! It looks like she’s giving birth, NOT an attractive composition at all! And, the zebra pj’s…seriously?!

  2. This site is kinda like watching COPS. Those weird-ass-people always make you feel good!

  3. This is just disturbing.

  4. The PJ’s are kinda neat but the posing is terrible. A better position for the baby and better composition would work beautifully here. This doesn’t!

  5. While scheduling her session, the photographer reminded her that it’s best to wear something with a little contrast.

  6. I don’t know which bothers me more, the icky tell-tale shadow of on-camera flash, or the poor baby’s apparent complete lack of engagement in the composition. I know it’s not always easy to get babies to smile and look forward, but that’s why we have continuous shooting mode and 16GB memory cards. If this was the keeper, I’d hate to see the recycle bin.

  7. This is a great example of a shooter who is learning trying to pass themselves off as a professional.

  8. Could have been a cute idea of a happy new mom and her little one. Instead, it is a bad backdrop, terrible pose and not a good shot of the wee one at all. A cuter idea might have been a pajama party theme, or just close ups.
    No idea what the thought behind this pose was as it say absolutely nothing but mom is happy and they have matching pjs.

  9. Vert bland shot. Not terrible. Not great. Just…is.

  10. “What I did over Christmas vacation”

  11. I have those PJs! I think they look better on me though.

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